Be The Exception.

Life as a Christian sometimes requires flying solo in our choices. As children of light, we are called to walk in the light with reverence to God. This life is…

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The Next Chapter Of Your Story

You can’t fix yesterday, but you can start afresh with God today. Let God take you from average to an amazing life. G’day my fellow sojourners, sons and daughters of…

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Crazy Love – Team Jesus

I have not seen God, yet I trust Him with my life. If that makes me crazy, so be it! Everyone ought to have something they are crazy about. Mine…

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It’s not you, it’s not them, It’s just life!

When someone values your friendship they can always find the time, regardless of how busy they are. When they don’t, they make time for other people and all your effort…

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How Others Treat You Is Their Fate.

  How others treat you is their Fate, and how you respond is your Portion. ~ Buky Ojelabi Remember this: The person who plants a little will have a small…

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Talk To God

Wireless communication is not a new invention. From the days of Adam and Eve God has been communicating with His Beloved. You can go directly to God without any expensive gadget. Just open your heart and speak to Him, it’s that simple!