The Truth About Marriage Your Married Friends Are Not Telling You.

Don’t get me wrong marriage is great, I am very happy with mine, but there are some truths about marriage your married friends may not have told you.

Most times, you will only find out the truth during a divorce, how miserable the relationship was, even though at the time they appeared like the perfect couple! 

There are different kinds of marriages out there; you will be amazed that your motives for getting married are different from your partner.

You’d better ask the right questions before you say I do, just don’t assume their motives are the same as yours. Hello! You really don’t know anyone that well except for what they are willing to share with you.

15 Truths You Need To Know Before Getting Married. 

1. Marriage will not make you happier if you weren’t already.

2. If you are a boring Singleton, you are likely to become more boring especially if you are not open to new ideas.

3. Marriage will not change who you already are, rather reveal your true-self. 

4. Marriage will not solve your problem, it would more than likely create additional problems.

5. Marriage is for mature people and maturity has nothing to do with age.

6. Marriage isn’t cheap. There are more bills to be paid when you get married. If you can’t pay your bills now then you are going to struggle with debt.

7. Men – If you don’t like to talk, don’t get married because women love to talk especially with their husband.

8. If you enjoy the freedom of being single, keep on enjoying it, because marriage will place a demand on your time. It’s not all about you anymore. 

9. Marriage can be stressful, and stress is bad for your health.

10. Marriage does not mean more sex. Nah!

11. You are not just marrying your partner, you get the entire family!

12. Getting married is cheap but divorce is expensive and can give you a bad credit.

13. You are likely to put on weight.

14. You become a better actor/actress in marriage by pretending not to notice how embarrassing your partner behave sometimes. 

 15. You really discover who you’re married to later not before.

About Buky

Buky is a ''Desperado after God". She is married to Adey and together they are raising 3 amazing children. She is a natural encourager, loves sharing practical experiences with others. She enjoys writing, reading, dabbling in stock trading, hanging out with friends and serving the body of Christ.


  1. I like this….good to know. I so look forward to marriage…still!

  2. Hi Buky,

    Can i request your permission to use this at my church? I enjoyed it and i know that they will too. I laughed too, I am a follower of your blog from now on.

  3. Simon,

    What can i say? Am touched, please use it and i hope you all benefit from it. Am glad it make you laughed.

    Welcome on board.


  4. Daughter of Zion aka

    U know what Aunt Bucky I champion the God in you mehn… I agree with all the points. The last couple of days has really exposed certain things about marriage. It actually does not lead to happiness (if you aint happy b4) for instance, is like saying getting a degree leads to happiness, it doesnt, its might lead to better job preospets but its just a rubbish perception to say things such as marraige or great jobs leads to happiness) (happiness should be ours b4 marriage).

    I believe society has played a big part in encouraging us to think marriage is the ultimate (most especially in the nigerian culture). There is more to marriage that most people don't say or forwarn you. Fact, no matter what you know you can never be ready for the journey of what marriage brings. But, if you are ready with Christ, then all things will be possible and if you understand this journey is no giving up ZONE am sure both parties are aware b4 saying yes. Personally, in everything I do, I always pray for everlasting passion, when you are passionate and motivated ( u will be excited to learn more, exprience more and apply great godly teachings).

    Personally, I feel so blessed by women (awesomness virtue of KING)such as yourself that are not afraid to tell it how it is. Thus, encouraging people to ensure that they get it right with GOD in the most righful way. FACT, nothing good comes easy, eveything is hardwork and you must be prepared to work hard for it. What is good in GOD eyes is always worth fighting for no matter the doubts and obstacales. I am glad, I have GOD as my aly, marriage is not a solution to anything @ all. Its a gift that God offers to anyone willing to do the work willingly and beautifully his way. HIS GRACE HIS SUFFICIENT. I pray alot more people will know that marriage is not about age… Maturity comes with understanding of the rights things, applicable of exprience and wisdom to feel responsible and accountable @ all times. WE NEED THIS EVIDENCE IN OUR DAILY LIVES. MAY WE BEAR FRUITS FOR THE KING OF KINGS that is aware that the heart of men are desperately wicked.

    Inshort, I am determined that I dont just dont want marriage (I want the best, exeptional, unique and heavingly based marriage). Thus, I am prepared to do it differently and how God leads me. I am through with the image of perfection, perceptions and stupid non-godly ideas that comes from the notion (relationship leads to marriage). (I dont want that nonsense. I want friendship, companionship, teacher, helper, encourager, helper, godliness, boldness, loving, kind, spontaneous, rich in love, wisdom, understanding, visions, handsome in caring, protection, prayer, not afraid of risks, PASSION FOR GOD and saving soulds and then MARRIAGE….LOL (AMEN).

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