Adey, My Joy And Crown

A Letter To My Husband

It is exactly 5 years ago that you took me to be your bride. These past 5 years have been a blessing with you and our children. There is not one day have I ever regretted marrying you.

Adey means “ The Crown”, you have been my joy and crown. (Phil4:1)

You have been to me, what Abraham was to Sarah, my lord (Gen18:12). You are gentle, kind, considerate, loving and have no bad words to say about anybody.

You are still the man that I fell in love with 5 years ago, and baby you get better and more handsome by the day. You are like a bottle of wine, the older you are the sweeter you get.

A week before we were schedule to get married. We had some major setback. Somebody gave a very damaging report about me of which you and the officiating minister for our wedding were informed of. The information was so damaging, honestly I won’t have gone ahead and marry me too.

With all the commotion and confusion, I was crushed and yet you decided that you still wanted to marry me. We were informed that the marriage could no longer take place at the church, still, you were strong and a rock for me.

You insisted on marrying me because God told you that I am the one and not marrying me will be disobeying God. “God doesn’t change his mind”, you said. It was crazy finding a new venue just few days before the big day. We did it and the day was glorious. You told me to keep a dignified silence on this issue and watch God fight for us. You refused and wouldn’t have any negative words said about those involved.

You know my good, bad and ugly; still you love me regardless. You married me knowing that I might not be able to have any children but you put your faith and trust in the Lord. I watched you wake up in the middle of the night praying, interceding and seeking God for our children. I never knew watching you do that can made me fall in love over and over again.

Ten months after we were married we conceived our first child, Faith. My 9mths pregnancy experience was a fairy tale. You spoilt me rotten; I declared that I was the most pampered wife ever.

When Faith was born you stayed right by my side the entire time, sleeping on the sofa bed in the hospital. You gave our daughter her first bath. You are the best daddy in the whole wide world.

From time to time I would go crazy on you for no reason. Yes, I can be full of drama even I don’t get myself sometimes. Not once have you ever raised your hand or fist to me. You simply just smile and wonder “what is going on in her head”. It takes two to fight, and you have never been a willing party to arguments. You’d rather walked away even though I do love a good argument once in a while, lol.

You are quick to apologize to me even when am at fault. That really makes me feel guilty when you do that, but don’t stop!!! I cannot remember the last Saturday morning that I made breakfast in our home, with the exception of when you are working abroad. I look forward to my cups of tea in the mornings and nothing beats your Saturday breakfasts with you allowing me to sleep in.

You are the one who encouraged me to go to bible school, you pushed me into blogging. You are my No.1 fan, always believing in me even when I don’t believe in myself. You are my bible tutor and you are always very patient explaining verses to me.

It took 16 months to conceive our second child, David. I had my moments when I’d panicked and you were quick to remind me that God promised us “Children not Child”.  According to the scripture we stood on Ps 127:3

David’s arrival was wonderful, God did it again! The human- labeled barren woman has become a mother for the second time. You were there by my side, and you gave David his first bath too.  The children and I are everything to you. Not only do your actions say that,  but you tell us.

You are different and rare. You know who you are in God. Strong, yet tender and sensitive to God and our needs. You are so secure in who you are that my being overly pushy and opinionated sometimes doesn’t bother you at all. Your yes is yes, your no is no. You are a man of few words, a man of integrity. Nothing seems to bother you too much, which sometimes drive me bonkers, lol. Lord help me.

Since I have known you, just watching you and your relationship with God, challenges me to do better. You live what you believe; the person you are privately is who you are publicly. Everyone who knows you know that you are a man after God’s heart. God is first in your life, and you pursue holiness and practice what you preach. You make it look so easy.

I thank God for you, being around you this past 5 yrs have made me a little calmer too. Some might not believe it, but I am a little calmer these days, lol.

Your work takes you away from us from time to time and it is not the same when you are not home. I am not just missing my teas and breakfast, I miss my friend and the children drive me crazy with ‘I want my daddy’ all day long!

I thanked the Lord for your mother and father; your mother raised a fine gentleman and I am enjoying the fruits of her labor. The upbringing, morals, discipline and cooking she taught you are all to my benefit. I hope that I can raise good children just like she did.

There are no words to describe or express what you mean to me and our children. You are highly favored of God and I am super blessed because of you.

The future is so bright; I need sunglasses, lol. I am ready to spend my everyday with you. I can’t promise a drama free zone, but that will just kill all the fun, won’t it? Hahahah.

Although I cant  promise a drama free zone,I can promise to continue to honor, respect, love  you, and  I will always defer to you. I promise to be the best mama I can be to all of the children God is blessing us with. I will continue to represent you and honor your name because God has changed me from whom I used to be. Now, I am a daughter of Zion, and I am your wife, your friend, your confidante and the mother to all your children.

The best is yet to come, babe.

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About Buky

Buky is a ''Desperado after God". She is married to Adey and together they are raising 3 amazing children. She is a natural encourager, loves sharing practical experiences with others. She enjoys writing, reading, dabbling in stock trading, hanging out with friends and serving the body of Christ.


  1. Buky, all I can say is wow. I just read your blog. I don't know where you go to write like that, but that is some deep stuff. I am very sure that will be an encouragement to people going through. I appreciate u dear, keep up the good work!

    • Bolanle,
      Thank you for your support, God is mighty and truly blessed everyone of us with amazing gift and talents. I pray we continue to use our talants for His Glory and to draw men to God.
      Have a blessed week.


    I'm at work but the few paragraphs I read…wow. I can't wait till I get home and read the rest.

  3. Soooooooooooooo sweet babie!!! I am not even Adey, but my head is about to burst over here. I love it when people are able to express how they feel to each other. I am a writer of my feelings as well and this is fantabulous!!!! May your love be sweeter everyday. You guys are the best!

    • Blimey,

      My dear friend and encourager. Thank you girl, you and I have been on this journey together and we are just super blessed with our husbands. May God continue to strengthen yours too and the best is yet to come.

  4. This is the sweetest letter i have ever read.God has indeed been good to u,Buky. I like the fact that u have not taken ur husband's love for granted. I get so emotional when i think of God's wisdom, He just knows the kind of man to give every woman. Let this piece of writting be a point of contact to others.You have blessed me with this letter,thanks for sharing.

    • Ety,

      I am touched, thank you. If I never learnt anything from my past experiences, i learnt one thing. Never to take my husband for granted, ever. We must learn to speak to the king in our men and then we will get the king's response and rewards.
      Godly wisdom is all that we need for a successful marriage.
      Thank you and stay blessed

  5. This brought tears to my eyes. Thank God for men who are after God's own heart and follow His leading not the leading of others. Thank you for this wonderful write-up.
    Will definitely keep a copy of this

    • Ugbo,

      Thanks and am glad that it blesses you just as much as I am blessed too. We must continue to be led by God and not man, man will always change their mind but God nevers. Come back again soon.

  6. This is really encouraging and comforting. What u wrote here is really inspiring. I know Adey is truly blessed for having you too. God surely is the best match-maker! Keep enjoying the union coz God made it for you. Cheers!

    • Akinleye.

      Spot on! God is the best match-maker indeed. I couldnt have picked him myself. God knows what is best for us, we must continue to trust him daily.

      Thank you and regards

  7. Wow! This is such a lovely piece and im sure your husband will be enchanted reading it. Its so nice to express how you feel to your spouse every once in a while. With all i just read, your hubby is definitely a keeper. May God continue to bless your union!

    • Now I know that every word is right on how she cares and you know he cares the same way .and is a delight to see it and know there are them that does still care.I was married 38 years and lost him to ALS 6 1/2 years ago.
      so you out there take note of what this friend has shared and tell your love one while you still have them .even the wet towels on the bath floor.

      • Janice,

        I always look forward to your comments, thank you.

        I know your 38yrs was filled with joy and you must missed him a lot. God will continue to wrap His loving hands around you. I honor and celebrate your achievement for staying on the journey for 38yrs, may God continue to bless you abundantly, Amen.

    • Doyin
      Thanks, we can never express our feelings enough to those we love. Life is too short, let us take the time to show that we care today, not tomorrow and everyday if possible. We are reminded in Pro31:26 – She opens her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness. We must constantly show love and kindness to our spouse even when it is not reciprocal.

      May God continue to bless your union too.

      Alway great to read your comments.

  8. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!…….all i can say is wooooooooooooooooooooowwwwww!!!….this is lovely…GREAT WORK!!

  9. I read all the comments above and I count it as an honor to be able to comment on this wonderful, awesome post. If most, maybe not all, women and men can express their feelings of love and respect for each other like this, marriage will be a whole lot sweeter and there will be fewer cases of divorce. It is good to be celebrated. She is practicing what the Lord commanded. She respects her husband and she receives uncompromised love in return. How can she not? A woman that truly loves and respects her husband can only received glorious God's kind of love from the husband, because God's love will flow from the husband to her, especially if the husband is a man after God's heart.

    You are doing excellently my dear sister. Keep it up. God will continue to bless you and your entire family. More wisdom, knowledge and understanding from the Holy Spirit.

    Ladies…..please pay attention.

    • Bro Joshua,

      Thank you for your kind words. Wow!

      Thank you for also sharing your wisdom with us. Congrats on being married for 22yrs that is quite an achievement. So much wisdom and knowledge that we can all learn from you.


  10. Wow! I am speechless, this is lovely and its good to let each other know every now and then. May God continue to increase your love and respect for each other and bless your union day in and day out. He is a lucky man and you are a lucky woman, you were made for each other, I could see the depth of love you both had for each other the day you both said "I do", cos I was there….lol

    • Joy girl.
      Yes, you were there and thank you for being such a beautiful bridesmaid. Thank you for your prayers and I pray that you will also experience truly what is possible thru God.
      Come back soon.

  11. I think my response is just as everyone else's WOW! God sure did bless you real good. Im expecting a Great Man of God too. I really enjoyed reading every bit of your adventure. Thank you for sharing

    • Iris,

      I am looking forward to your future wedding myself!! You are already too beautiful right now, how beautiful can you get that on that day, lol. Love you and thanks for taking the time.

  12. Congratulations on your 5th year anniversary! aww..Thanks for sharing….I pray that your love will grow sweeter and deeper with every passing day. May your home ever be filled with joy, peace and love.. May God always be the center of your home. Congratulations..wishing you many many more blessed years! God bless your family!

    • Bomi

      Thank you, those prayers are powerful. A BIG AMEN to them. God is amazing and I am in awe of Him. When I think of how much He loves us, Behold what manner of love has the Father bestowed upon us.
      God will continue to bless your home and crown your work with success, amen.

  13. Mummy Buky,
    yes i have decided to call you that, I hope you accept it as a sign of respect and immense admiration for you and what you do to inspire others.I stumbled on your blog via facebook last night…Adey my joy and crown and for whatever reason I went back today to catch up on some of your other writings. I had to pause in the middle of it to write this THANK YOU note, THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I like the fact that they are not too long. .(don't mind long if it captives me throughout) full of real life experiences, inspiring, encouraging, uplifting and makes me want to get to know God more and more.It's awesome. Once again, THANK YOU, GOD BLESS YOU, YOUR HUBBY AND YOUR GOD'S GIFTS..Faith & David. Don't really write in Capital letters but I have to emphasise on this occasion,lots of love, Ololade

    • Ololade,

      I am grateful for your kind words. So glad that you were inspired by my letter.

      All of our life experiences are for a reason. We must not dwell in bitterness or take part in drinking the bitter water of Marah (Ex 15:23). Our destination is Elim (Ex15:27), a place of strength, refreshing, a place of victory and blessings. God truly is the only way to a blessed life, am living it all because of Him.

      Getting to know God deeper and deeper is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Try it out and your life will change so much, those who use to know you before wont recognised you! Wow!

      Thanks for stopping by, I hope that you will visit frequently and always stay in touch via email/facebook.


  14. Aanuoluwapo Jegede luv story ever

  15. shakirat olufunke

    Being able to make such a wonderful comment about one's husband is really encouraging and it makes one who doesnt have the opportunity to become envious but everything still points out to the fact that God is ever merciful that he knows what is best for us even when we know we are not worth it.Congrats, wishes 4 more 1daful years.

    • Shakirat,

      I pray that we all get the opportunity to share our life with that person that God made just specially for us. God is indeed merciful and He is not a respecter of anyone. May He grant you every desires of your heart.

      See you soon!

  16. Just read ur blog and its ever so sweet and it brought tears to my eyes. Well done dear and may the Lord continue to crown all ur efforts, Amen:)

    • Fola,
      Thank you for your prayers and may God grant you all of your heart desires also. I am such a cry-baby too and tears of joy and not sadness, Amen

  17. I am thankful for a precious gift from the Almighty– That is you Buky! How time flies when God truly writes the script of this very real production called life. I'm humbled by your amazing words and my prayer is that His grace would be more than sufficient for us in every facet of life's journey. I'm proud of who you are- Beautiful Wife, Wonderful Mother, Passionate companion, Super encourager, and above all, a great communicator.
    I'm proud of who we are becoming, growing as individuals and as a family… the best days are truly ahead!!!.
    Continue to put God first and there is no limit to what He can do in and through you.

    With all my love,

    • Adey, My Crown.
      You are the ultimate team-partner. God truly blessed my sock off with you babe. Thank your for your first comment ever on the blog…. Hmmm (wink wink) what must I do to get you to leave future comments next time, hmmm indeed.

      Je t'adore

  18. Awww this is so sweet,inspiring.
    I'm short of words,I especially like-
    "Although I cant  promise a drama free zone,I can promise to continue to honor, respect, love  you, and  I will always defer to you. I promise to be the best mama I can be to all of the children God is blessing us with"
    Adey must be a specially made man from God. He must be a total blessing.
    You're trully blessed!
    Your blog is getting hot and hot,I'm liking it here, and I'm getting addicted.
    Thumbs up sis.

    • Lara,

      I can be the drama queen, honestly. Just as well God blessed me with Adey, as cool as a cucumber!
      God knows us better than we know ourselves. Before we were born, still in our mother's womb He knew us. Mind blowing to me.
      As women we have this power than we should use positively, the power of our words. It can either build up or destroy.
      We will all be that woman that builds her home and not destroy it in Jesus name, Amen.

      Its always great to read from you.


  19. Beautiful letter to your husband. You compliment each other so well!

  20. I just stumbled on your blog and read your letter to your hubby. It brought tears to my eyes, it was so inspiring God is truly awesome. I moved here from London as well.
    Reading your letter to your husband made me realize that there is nothing more like being married to a man who has a passion for God.
    Thank you so much for sharing that letter and I hope to read more of your blog.

    • Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed your first time here at Bukville. A fellow Londoner too, isnt Houston great!
      Am touched and encouraged by your kind words. I know those were tears of joy, i get tearful when I think about God's love and restoration myself.

      Thanks for your support

  21. Hey Bukky,

    To think that I've been eagerly awaiting your next post and I didnt even realise you had posted something new.
    Anyway, what else can I say that hasn't been said except to ask if your husband has a brother?……lol!!

    Love you for being such an inspiration.

    • Tolu,

      Thanks for eagarly awaiting my blogpost. So blessed that it inspires you.

      Good men are all around us, May God continue to open our eyes so that we can see what He see and not what we see. Human being looks on the outside but God sees the heart. Our prayer is for that man after God's heart, he will treasure heart, protect and keep like gold.

      I love your comments and staying in touch with you is awesome. See you on skype soon!

  22. Hey Bukky, this is so so good. I know the man you are talking about , so I know there is no exaggeration in all what you have written about him. God will continue to fill your mouth with this type of testimony. Your joy over each other will know no end.
    One thing you have thought me thou, I will always let my husband know how much he is appreciated.
    Thank you

    • Bimpe,

      Thank you for the vote of confidence in Adey. You guys knew him long before I showed up on the scene. What a beautiful prayer too you prayed, AMEN Sista. God will continue to bless your union too and He will ignite your love for one another afresh again.


  23. Omobolanle Babafemi

    Buky, I bless God for your life
    Love this piece of yours and thump up for your hubby
    Hope all men would get to read this

  24. buky u just simply amaze me. ao time flies. i just wonder is this not buky of UPE school 5 writing so beatifully? God be praised. I am really moved. ori mi wu o e lagi mo lol. my regards 2 dat great man dat truly deservs this very Godly blunt lady.

  25. Buky, i can no longer hold back my amazement at your writing skill. I have read through a couple of your posts and honestly, i am impressed. I'm sure your husband must have been highly thrilled by this latest post, and rightly so. You have not only spoken your mind, but you have poured out your heart entirely. What manner of man would not bless God for a woman like you! I thank God for what he is doing in your family. Its God's design, enjoy it!

  26. Stumbled on this by coincidence but I know everything works together according to God's purpose. It is really nice to see a sister complimenting her husband. They deserve all our love and respect and God will surely continue to bless your home. Keep your eyes focused on Christ and keep the encouragement coming for the sisters.

    • Olufunke,

      I am glad your first experience was a good one, hope to see you around again. Thanks for your prayers and words of encouragement. Thank you for taking the time to read it and sharing also.

  27. waoh…this is such an awesome testimony, and I am actually teary eyed as I type my comment…I bless God for giving you your hubby and those bundles of joy to call your own…

  28. Wow! I usually don't comment on blogs but this piece is just awesome! It's amazing to feel this way about your husband and it truly is an encouragement to us newlyweds :)! Just from reading, I can tell that you are a woman that respects and honors your husband because it takes someone with a deep understanding of respect to write something as sweet as this! I mean, I've read all sorts of head over heels love stories but there's something genuine about this and I can only pray that God increases you and your husband…may the love you have found for one another remain…now and always! Thanks for sharing! So, let me bookmark your blog now! I have a feeling I will be back for more inspiration! Stay blessed

    • I am blown away by your comment, thanks!! I am happy that your first experience is a great one and you will be stopping by again soon. I sure look forward to knowing you better and sharing more knowledge too. Wishing all of God's blessing.

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  30. Awwwwww….dis is so inspiring… very inspiring….a great man….and a wonderfull woman who recognizes dat she is blessed……buky is just as awesome as her hubby…cos she knows his worth…….wow….dis give me hope…..

  31. You visited my blog after a while to read a piece I wrote months back when I saw your comment. That pulled me to your blog. I am on an emotional roller coaster right now. Unknowingly, when I wrote those words,it did not occur to me that even with God's choice, the tests will come.I know that I get through this.
    I love these words you wrote about your husband.You are indeed a blessed woman, and I have been blessed by this piece.God steered me here for a particular reason. It is well.

    • Hi Tola, Thank you for stopping by. I discover your blog via I love your write-ups, very honest. Keep up the good work and yes you are right also "even with God's choice there will be tests". But we know we have the victory thru Christ. Tests are part of life and while 2 is trying to become 1 it is inevitable to go through difficult times. Our prayer is they will be far and few!

      • WOW, One you write like an angel. Two, seems like a fairy tale dear. Thanks for restoring my faith in love – Romeo and Juliet style. You just endorsed A Husband from the Bible – Joseph for me and I have had a hard-time from the guys saying that it aint doable. Well guys looks like it is!!!!you have no excuse now. Stay blessed, love. May God put angels with flaming swords at the gate to protect your love and your family for you.

      • Thanks Cyrus, Joseph is actually one of my favorite from the bible, yet not much is written about him. With God what is impossible with man is possible with God. I had to go to God for my husband, even before i met him i was praying for him. God gave me more than I deserved or prayed for.

        Check out my post on

  32. The content on this article is really a single of the most beneficial material that I've ever occur across. I love your publish, I'll occur back to verify for new posts.

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  34. Blessed and Highly F

    Wow!!!!!!! my eyes are watery from reading this.. So happy for u.. God is truly awesome..I'm just surprised that a Church that preaches God's love can turn someone away for any reason..oh well. Great testimony

    • Blessed and Highly Favoured, Thank for your comment and I truly appreciate you taking the time to read my post.

      As human beings we make mistakes and churches have rules that we must abide by. That decision was their choice and I have no problem with it.

      Our focus should alway be on God, not man or religion. I thank God for the outcome because only God deserved the Glory and Honor.

  35. this is fantastic. guard your love like a lioness.
    pls which bible school did u go to?

  36. Daughter of Zion aka

    I love the letter. I believe this will be me confesing my love for my hubby in less than few years time that I can imagine. I know his blessings upon your family life can only wax stronger. Against all odds, he has put a non stop smile on your face.

    I cannot even begin to wonder what your enemies are saying or the people that have written you off. It reinforces my faith that though humans can write you off God can never write you off. When they have finished the pages, God just started. WOW ITS SO AMAZING. OBEDIENCE IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE. I pray he helps us oo and JESUS blood avenges for us.

    As in, unbelievers and God haters need to see this, we serve a SUPERNATURAL, SPIRITUAL BEING that isnt human to act like one.

    I love you already, I love the God in you. Trust me when I say your kids have got one of the bestest virtuous woman in God's Kingdom. Thank you and keep inspiring.

    I also love the fact you take time reply to each msg. WOW, thats pure dedication and love.

    I have a confession, though I know marriage is of God, I help but think sometimes that human beings are preoccupied with the idea of marriage that they forget this life is a journey and anything can happen.

    For instance, the story of JOB, its really is something that is still happens. I know that God is faithful and when anything happens grace is available…I just hope that our love for him is so strong that nothing matters.

    • DOZ – A big amen to your prayer, God will send you that man that will fit you like a glove.

      Life is all about learning and growing, regardless of what anyone think or say about us. Often times we dont understand other people's past history and are not tolerant of it. I have also judged others too harshly and too quickly in the past, now I know that i dont have to walk in their shoes to show a little compassion.

      I thank God for all my life experiences, it propel me to where God wants me to be. Without them, i wont be here and have the testimonies that I have today. Dont hate the haters/naysayers they are part of the journey, we need them. Where will King David be without Saul?

      We live and learn daily, we continue to pray for God's guidance in every way.

      I am deeply touched by your comments, thank you for commenting, taking the time to read my long post. I try to keep them short but i talk too much, lol.

      You are keeping sane with your responses, its a welcome break from my mommy duties, lol.

  37. Daughter of Zion aka….
    check out this webpage… was just googling for a spelling.

  38. This made me tear-up(cry) real bad! U're such an inspiration. It's so touching!

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  40. WOW! Reading this, I cried.

    He truly is God that makes impossibilities possible… I am once again encouraged

    God bless.

  41. wow! wow! please permit me to reblog this! may God continue to bless your union.

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  43. “Adey, My Joy And Crown – Bukville” ended up being a great blog post.
    If solely there were far more blogs similar to this specific one
    in the world wide web. Anyway, thank you for your precious time, Jamey

  44. That God is faithful to turn our munroing into gladness. He can take this tragic experience and make beauty out of it by giving me understanding and compassion for others and teaching me to cherish my family on earth even more.

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