Everyone is Pregnant except ME – Part 2.

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While believing God for our children, I often thought that I deserved this, after all, I was a reformed sinner, and God knows maybe my past was finally catching up with me.

Let me tell you this; Jesus died for sinners and not for righteous Christians. He died for you and me. He paid the price so we don’t have to. Quit being hard on yourself and start loving yourself, there is nothing you and I can do to stop God from loving or blessing us. Even when we are faithless, He cannot deny himself, He is faithful.

On the issues of past mistakes, deal with them and let them be settled once and forever. It is under the blood, as far as the east is from the west. That is how far God never remembers our sinful past. Learn to forgive yourself, it is so easy for us to forgive others but we struggle in forgiving ourselves. Don’t continue to live under condemnation, chose to live under the grace that is available to you today.

Before we conceived, there were days that all I did was cried, I couldn’t even pray. I would start with prayer and just ended up slobbering in tears. I would do all my crying in hubby’s absence and put a brave face on upon his return home.

My relationship with God grew; it started off with me just seeking his hands for what I can get. It developed into me seeking his face; it became about intimacy and a deeper walk with Him.

I will never forget the very night that everything changed for me. I had enough of it all, the sadness, the crying, and the begging. From all the pain and shame that I had felt and endured,
I cried out to God. Saying, “Give me a child, don’t give me a child; I am going to serve you all the days of my life!


We conceived 10 months after we got married, those 10 months were not fun. It might have been 10 yrs! I didn’t experience any morning sicknesses most women do. My pregnancy was beautiful and it wasn’t anything like I had imagined. Seriously I was prepared for the worst but it never happened. Pregnancy agreed with me so well, I was ready to do it all over again as soon as the baby was out.

When our first child was 15 months we found out that we were to be parents again! This was not accidental, it was intentional. We have been ever so busy trying to conceive again. Exciting right? Yeah, it was all too much for my little mind to take; God loves me, He does really love me. Oh and Adey too, lol!

While waiting to conceive our second child I panicked again, why wasn’t I getting pregnant again and I became concerned plus worried. Can you believe my effrontery? That is how we human beings are. We are no different from the children of Israel after seeing signs, wonders and miracles that God did for them. Still they doubted and questioned God.

Thank God for a praying husband who reminded me again that God promised us children, not a child based on the scripture we stood on (Psalm 127:3) Thank God for a wise sister who reminded me that with each battle you encounter you will have to use a different weapon; you can’t fight every battle the same way. Pray and ask God which key will unlock your blessings. He will show you which one to use.

We are now the humble parents of 2 beautiful children, life is not the same since they arrived. We won’t change it for anything. We had to walk the faith-walk for our children.

We had to see our children with the eyes of faith before they were conceived. We took steps in the natural as if our children were already here in anticipation of their arrival.

God is a God of order, put your home in order now. Put your marriage and finances in order before the arrival of the children. Have one vision for your family and walk in unity as a couple. This will not be the last battle you are going to fight together; get it right now.

Remember it is not about the destination but much more about the lessons you will learn on the way to your destination. What is God teaching you in this season? The earlier you learn it the quicker you will be at your destination.

Watch the words of your mouth. You can do everything right but destroy it all with the words that you are confessing over yourself. Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof (Proverbs 18:21). Speak your future and not your past or problems, if you have nothing better to say then say nothing. Don’t be quick to reply to everyone that offends you or were insensitive toward you.

Remember you might be over-sensitive yourself while going thru this journey. So be considerate towards others especially if they speak out of ignorant during this period.

All that you are going through and experiencing right now will help you to be a more humble and better mother. Your appreciation for life and the things of God will never be the same. You will be more considerate towards other women that will walk in your shoes.

I live every day grateful for what the Lord has done for us. I certainly don’t deserve His goodness, mercy, and favor. He is merciful and I am forever grateful to Him for the rest of my life.

I know that if He can do it for us, He can absolutely without a doubt in my mind do it for you. Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful (Hebrews 10:23)

My Prayer for You

God will be the glory and lifter of your head. You will be called by a new name, Mom. You will no longer be forsaken, for the Lord has called you like a woman forsaken and grieved in spirit. Like a youthful wife when you were refused.

Do not fear, you will not be ashamed or disgraced, for you will not be put to shame. For you will forget the shame of your youth.

God will prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies; He will anoint your head with oil. The same people who rejoice over your predicament will come and see what the Lord has done.

Be encouraged, what is impossible with man, IS POSSIBLE WITH GOD.

Helpful tips to help you cope during these challenging time – Helpful Tips – while you wait on God


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Buky is a ''Desperado after God". She is married to Adey and together they are raising 3 amazing children. She is a natural encourager, loves sharing practical experiences with others. She enjoys writing, reading, dabbling in stock trading, hanging out with friends and serving the body of Christ.


  1. Buky, thank God for HIS faithfulness in our lives, if not where would we all be, certainly nowhere…. You raise very excellent prayer points at the end of the piece that everyone should pray about because barrenness is not just about not having children alone but extend to other areas of our private lives(marriage,finance,career,spiritually.

    Finally, may the Lord that answered the prayers of Hannah at Shiloh turn our barrenness to fruitfulness IJN…

    • We thank God for His faithfulness, mercy and giving us many many chances. What a prayer point you shared, I say a big AMEN to all that are waiting on Him for their blessings.

  2. "God is a God of order, put your home in order now."

    I pray most couples looking for children will see the revelation behind this simple but profound revelational advice. Can 2 walk together, except they agree? Most couples are at loghead and full of pride for God's blessings to come into their lives. They probably don't realize that, but it is the trick of the enemy to have both of them NOT working together. Remember, God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.

    It will be wise for couples to check exactly where they truly are in their relationship with God, their spouse and themselves, after all, God is not mocked and cannot be mocked.. God only releases his blessings in a home that is full of love, unity and peace.

    Please read psalm 133 to futher understand the value of oneness as a prerequisite to receiving blessings from the Lord.

    Sp, again, if this posts apply to you, please check and put your marriage in order. You will be glad you did.

    • Joshua,
      It sounds so simple but very important "Put your home in order now" before the children arrived. God is ever faithful but He will not be mocked like you said.

      There is a part for God to play but He cannot do our own part for us, we have to do that for ourself.

      Thank you for your contribution, so on time and very insightful

  3. First, I say a big Amen to your prayers.
    Second, this is loaded with such powerful words that I believe are directed @ me.
    Third, of course I've learned great lssons from this piece, and I'm bookmarking it right away for reference purposes.
    Fourth, thanks a lot Bukky, for encouraging me with your true life stories. God bless you.

    • Doyin, My work is done if this message ministered to just you alone. My motive for sharing was to get the conversation started and let others know that it is nothing to be ashamed of and with God all things are possible.
      What really prepares us for this and how do we cope with it? God can do all things.

      Thank you for sharing and I know that God will make all things beautiful in time, Amen

  4. Everyone is dating, engaged or married but me

    • Nike, thanks for your comment. Isnt it so true though that we are all at different stages in our journey thru life. Yours is just round the corner and I pray that in the season that you are in, you will learn all that God is teaching quickly.

  5. Very inspiring story. Thanks for sharing your testimony with us Buky. God is always on time…He's never too early or too late.

    • Jaycee, Before I got pregnant while God was blessing us with a new job, a new house and other things that I didnt considered to be top priority. I mistakenly thot that God's time was slow but once we conceieved and I see the bigger picture. Then I knew that His timing is ever perfect, never late but alway on time.

      Thank you for reading and sharing, may God fill all our homes with joy and praises, amen

  6. Dearest Bukky,i really appreciate sharing ur experience,it's as if u kw what i'm going thru at d moment,I am infact under pressure for not getting pregnant n it makes me cry everytime..Infact u'v blessed me with this piece and u have given me d courage to go on and not giving up on God..I believe d Lord will hear my cry n bless me with my own baby in my arms soon.ONCE AGAIN ,THANK U.

    • Ade, As many children as your heart desires will he blessed you with in Jesus name. Wait on the Lord and He will surely renew your strength. Pray and forgive those putting you under pressure and causing you to cry. Remember they are part of the journey, we need them as unpleasant as it is. They are there to put pressure on you so you can put pressure on your prayer life and really shake heaven for what is yours.
      It will happen for you, God is faithful and not a respecter of anyone. Pls walk in peace with others, honor that husband and praise God even for the lessons that he is teaching you right now.

      Thank you for reading and sharing, my motives is fulfilled reaching you Ade, all is well.

  7. Thank you for this piece. Very inspiring at a time when everyone close to me that I've celebrated their weddings with within this past year have had their own children or is pregnant. I know there's a story to be told at the end. Yes, I'll get my home & finances in order before my twins girls get here… God bless you!

    • Anon Bee, That is the spirit girl. I am believing God with you for your twin girls. May God grant you the desires of your heart and bring it to fruition faster. Now that you know what you are believing God for, then start as you mentioned above to put your home and finances in order. It will set you apart and ahead of your peers if you can do those excercises well. It certainly helped me in chosing to be a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom). SAHM is not for everyone and it is a decision to be taken jointly with your husband. It certainly has its merit but I am not a believer that everyon should be a SAHM. Look out for a future post on "To be or not to be a SAHM"

      As you have celebrated and rejoiced with others in their own time of rejoicing so shall others celebrate and rejoice with you at your appointed season of blessing. You will not lack all the good things to be the best mom in the world to your girls. So get ready and be prepared to learn all over again when those babies arrives. All the best to you and your family.

  8. 9ice one aunty, u really touching lives believe me. Thank n may God cont 2strenghten u. Amen

  9. thank u 4sharing ur xperience cos its motivating. Merry xmas. Regards

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