Are You Ready For 2011?

As we are about to enter 2011, I have been making time to set up new goals and visions for next year.

This time of the year for me is more about reflecting on the entire year  and being honest with myself about things I should improve on next year.

As I was looking back on the vision set for 2010, I remember starting  Bukville. I was scared and not too sure of myself but I have some really great people who truly believed in me.


Two people especially, Adey and Kim Dixx.  Kim Dixx was my Life Coach. She is a great coach too and really played a vital role in the birth of Bukville. Thank you Ms Kim for having faith in me and for your wonder advice and encouragement.

Until I met Kim Dixx I didn’t really have an appreciation of what Life Coaching is all about. Ms Kim is awesome and simply the best.

I am a firm believer in getting all the help you can, especially if it is one to one help. You can achieve a lot in a short time with the right Life Coach. One of the best investment I blessed myself with.

So what area of your life are you going to invest  the most in the coming year and how do you intend to go about it?. You must have a plan if not it is just an idea.

At the beginning of this year I wrote a post called Doing IT. I started the year very well and I am ending it with a blast. I am even more confident now about next year.  What are you going to do different next year, now is the time to start thinking about it.

This year I started Bukville and joined Toastmasters Club. I met some of the most amazing people and I have greatly improved my public speaking skills. I am doing more public speaking and no longer shying away from opportunities. Just overcoming that have opened more doors that I wont have otherwise considered.

Start by just focusing on one or two main goals and take it from there. If you cant afford a Life Coach then seek out others that have done it already and be held accountable.

People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine. Clarity accounts for probably 80% of success and happiness. Lack of clarity is probably more responsible for frustration and underachievement than any other single factor. That’s why we say that “Success is goals, and all else is commentary.

You must be willing to pay the price for things that matters to you the most.

So my final question to you is, ARE YOU READY FOR 2011?

I am, let us do great together in 2011.


About Buky

Buky is a ''Desperado after God". She is married to Adey and together they are raising 3 amazing children. She is a natural encourager, loves sharing practical experiences with others. She enjoys writing, reading, dabbling in stock trading, hanging out with friends and serving the body of Christ.


  1. Thanks for yet another interesting post, Buky. Great advice on seeking a life coach.

    In answer to your question.
    No, I am not ready for 2011 yet
    Why – you may ask?

    Because I am still believing God for certain things that I know with discernment are part of the season I am in – 2010 (they may possibly overlap into 2011), but I just want to concentrate on ‘squeezing’ the most out of 2010, without the need to look ahead – just yet! LOL:)

    I am so happy that I serve a God, who is an on time God, who is a God of order and wants us to step into and possess our seasons and I don’t want to run ahead of Him.

    Sorry to be so blunt, but it is just how I feel each year at this time, when we are encouraged to start talking about goals for the next year, when December has only just begun and there is yet still time for 2010 goals to be accomplished.

    This week, I was reading one of my daughter’s monthly magazines, which she subscribes to. I was happily reading the articles, when an author of an article stated, 'I hope you had a wonderful Christmas’. I looked at the front cover of the magazine and realized I was reading the January 2011 edition. An aerie feeling came over me as I put down the magazine hastily stating, I will wait until January to read it!!

    God bless you more.

    • Ms Carole, I appreciate your bluntness and honesty.

      God already know the future and those things on your list will manisfest which ever way God permits. Our part is to commit all our plans and purposes into His Hands. He will brings them to pass and that is why I am very confident that now is the time to start planning ahead and sowing those seeds.

      Getting ready now for 2011 will not stops you from receiving those thing you are expectant of in 2010. It will improve your overall performance and increase your motivation to achieve your goals.
      It help reduces stress and anxiety, you will concentrate and focus better.
      You become more self-confidence, perform better in all areas of life and are happier and more satisfied with life

      Every year there are things on my list that I carry forward into the new year and this year is no exemption. I trust Him to do the very best and even if I dont get them all, that is fine too.

      I just know you are going to have a great year in 2011 and there is nothing the enemy can do about it.

  2. Thanks for the admonition. I need to do the same. Make a plan for 2011, and see the Lord help me accomplish it.

    • Ms Bola, I am glad you are going to do the same. You will be amazed how much God have already deposited into you and this is just the perfect time to set your sight on those things to come. I see only great things in your future to come. I also look forward to us sharing them together in 2011.

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment!

  3. Oh my, i guess this a wake up call for me to wrap up the year and position myself for the great in 2011. Thanks for all the great encouragement you have offered through your blog this year. I look forward to what you have prepared for 2011 and i am on board for the great in the new year.

    Thanks Life Coach!

    • Blimey, Yes girl! Let us position ourselves for greatness in 2011. I just know you and I are going to rejoice, our mouths are going to be filled with praises and new songs of joy. We are going to look back and say to one another "Look what the Lord has done for us" To God be the glory and honor for evermore.

      Blimey, thank you for always being my go-to-person, you are so full of witty ideas, talented, creative and most of all so approachable. You are always giving of your time to me whenever I need inspiration and to bounce idea off. You are my focus group girl, lol.

      So let us match into 2011 with all of God's assurance of victory, We shall do viliantly in 2011 and every blessings for us we shall take by force, AMEN AMEN AMEN.

  4. thanks for this post , 2011 is a year of repossessing the lands that once belong to me, it is the year of the Lord for me.

    • Tolu, I come into agreement with you, that so shall it be in Jesus name, amen. Our God is the ultimate game changer and the only One that truly restores more than we can ever dream off or ask.
      What a blessing, a breath of fresh air and bundle of joy that you are. I have come to know you as a sister and I am just so excited knowing that God is about to show off BIG time and bless your sock off!!

  5. I always get and learn something from your post. Thanks for this post. I now see why I need to write my goals and plan for 2011 down.

    • Taiwo, So glad that you are going to be part of those God will set apart in 2011 and use for His purpose. Kindly write it out and keep it where you can see it, let us run with the vision and not be distracted.

  6. thanks bukky for the notes there. 2011 is going to be my year . i claim it in Jesus' name.

    • Mbabazi, so shall it be according to your words, amen. Let us hold on without doubting to our confession for He is faith and able to finish what He promised.

      Let me be the first to congratulate you in the coming new year on great success and unmerited favor.

  7. Hi Bukky,
    In October/November I told myself I would have had my 2001 goals written out clearly but alas I have not. Why? I have options right in front of me and I don't want to start a new journey in the states towards a wrong direction and then make a u-turn later. Thus I am praying now that God reveals His will for me. Do I start a new career or continue in the line l was back in Nigeria? I have also learnt and still learning the pros and cons of these choices so…

    Anyway, besides setting goals, it is important to firstly look back and appreciate God's goodness and carry out an audit of one's experiences in 2010. What did l do right/wrong? What habits do l take into 2011 , which ones will be allergic to my progress. Secondly, develop passion, have 'fire in your belly' to achieve your goals. Have the spirit of resilience so overcome any challenge that way come our way.

    In conclusion, we must not forget that unless God builds the house, the laborers labor in vain. Also we should trust in the Lord with all our hearts, He will direct our steps.

    If you can, please be inspired to write an article on forgetting our past and looking forward to a new future. This is because I am still tempted to look back and regret some moves I made in the past. I still tell myself, 'If l had not done this, l would have passed this phase, l would have achieved this'. I would like to learn (if u experienced such), how u were able to overcome
    such negative feelings. hope l am not asking for too much.
    Thank you.

    Stay blessed and compliments of the season.

    • Ekundayo,

      Well said, we first must take account of God's goodness before moving on to setting new goals for the new year. Just today I was thinking how faithful God has been to all of his promises and I really cant say that I have been that faithful to Him. But if i didnt take the time to reflect on Him, I would have easily assumed that I have been faithful to my part.

      Commit your works to the LORD And your plans will be established.which is the best place for you. Still go ahead and set some goals and He will surely lead you down the right path.

      As per the article on dealing with the past. Thank you greatly for suggesting that topic. I am writing something already, you must be a mind reader!!!

      To enter into God's promises for 2011 we must settled the past and move on. After Sin and unforgiveness, the past is another key that can keep us in Egypt (boundage). We must addressed it and not run away from it. Remember Lot's wife turning back to look? That will not be our portion. Ok enough said already, I cant wait to post it early in January.

      Thanks for the suggestion and have a merry Christmas and a happy new year ahead.

  8. Buky,

    We've got no choice but to be ready for 2011 coz there is no room for us to remain where we are in 2010. The Lord is surely taking us to a place HE has specially preapared for us all. Thanks for being a friend in 2010 and surely looking forward to your continued friendship in years to come.

    2011 is surely our year of divine glorification.


    • Abayomi, thank you for being so supportive and always encouraging. The best is yet to come and I cant wait to see all that He is going to do in your life in 2011.

      When I started blogging, one thing i didnt realised was how well I will get to know you all. You are no longer someone on "cyber". You have become a friend that I have gotten to know well. Thank you for being a part of bukville and we are going to rock 2011, AMEN.

  9. Loved loved reading this. Thanks for sharing those important reminders, sitting down to figure out what we want, and writing down our goals is really half the battle!! Thank you for sharing – Wishing you a wonderfully blessed 2011 and beyond! God bless you:)!!!xxx

    • Bomi, You put it so well "writing down our goals is really half of the battle". Thank you for being a dear friend to a total stranger when I first approached you early this year. You were so open and freely giving of your advice and time. You impressed me and made me believed in "sisterhood" in a new way.

      May God continue to bless you, your family and ministry. Wishing you all of God's best for 2011.

  10. So many of us are ready for 2011! Great, do you have a plan, goal or vision for 2011?

    It is not too late to start one. Give God something to work with, dont worry if you dont know it all yet, nobody does.

    As we progress into the new year God will make His will clearer to you and I. Let us start strong and run with the vision.The vision is not for others, its is for you and you dont need their validation.

    People with goals succeed because they know where they're going.Goals are dreams we convert to plans and take action to fulfill.

    Welcome 2011!

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