A Letter To My Past

Dear Past, You have made me better, not bitter. Thanks for the lessons!

We have been friends long enough. Today, I have made a decision that we can no longer be friends. Your friendship has become a pain I can no longer bear. Your company is suffocating me. You have held me back long enough and today it ends!

Though you pretend to be a friend, you were also my oppressor and my prison. I will miss you but not for long. Don’t wait for my return. Don’t count on me running back to you again. This time my ship has set sail. The Lord is the captain of my ship. I will not return to my vomit.

The times that I have returned, I regretted it. You are no good for me and we can’t be friends. Friendship with you is enmity with God.

I will not choose you over God. I will not choose you over my destiny. Friendship with you is bondage!

How long will you hold me in bondage? The price of your friendship is just too much to pay. Yes, you have always been there, my loyal and painful friend.

You are my constant pity party, my comfort zone eating away at my confidence. You are the discouraging voice that won’t let me possess my future promises. The loudest and all too familiar voice in my head.

So long old pal. So long depression and bitterness. So long my all too familiar alter ego. So long misery and the loudest voice in my head. So long shame and shackle. So long comfort eating and overweight. So long loneliness and guilt.

Welcome my destiny, brighter may you shine. Welcome, God’s mercy and favor. Welcome clarity and honesty. Welcome forgiveness and growth. Welcome new testimonies and breakthrough. Welcome reconciliation and restoration. Welcome freedom, love, and truth. Welcome ME!



About Buky

Buky is a ''Desperado after God". She is married to Adey and together they are raising 3 amazing children. She is a natural encourager, loves sharing practical experiences with others. She enjoys writing, reading, dabbling in stock trading, hanging out with friends and serving the body of Christ.


  1. Wow!

  2. I read this note and it really spoke to me. A very thought provoking piece, well done.

  3. hello buky
    how are you?
    i enjoyed reading the letter to your past and it's applicable to everyone
    holding on to past:
    shields us from what the future holds
    lowers our self esteem
    affects the relationships we have with our friends, family, children, God…..
    it keeps us from moving forward and causes us to engage in a lot of self pity.

    i must stress it's a tough call but we've got to make a conscious effort to let go of the past and embrace freedom.
    take care of yourself and enjoy the rest of the day

    • Ayo, I am doing great, thanks for asking and I enjoyed reading your blog. Yes, letting go of our past can be tough, it takes the grace of God and conscious effort. We get there eventually if we don't give up. Have a great weekend.

  4. Amen!…I've learnt that documenting our decisions like this, asserts our resolve… (Hab 2:2)

  5. I concur!
    The past is past and the future should not hinge on past mistakes, hurts, disappointments etc.
    We should learn from the past – becoming better people and not hampered by past mistakes.

  6. I love this. I claim it too. bye bye to jati jati..bye bye to rede rede…in tha name of Jesus. aMen

    • BC – I always look forward to your comment, it is such a joy to have you around my brother. We reject jati jati and rede rede in all our lives, Amen. Have a great weekend.

  7. Daughter of Zion aka

    I like… I hope to take courage from this everytime my mind is running away from me. Leaving me distant and regrettful…. Thank you and God blessing upon your life.

  8. I can only sigh to this , past are nothing but baggage's that must be thrown out of our lives , it just not so easy , that is why we have Christ Jesus who paid the price on Calvary. my past is never going to determine my future , because I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me , am not what the devil is screaming in my head that i am , i am of God
    Sister , thanks for this.

    • Tolu girl, yes it isn't easy but with God all things are possible. We cant afford to carry excess baggage's around, it is just too much for us called the children of the most high God. Jesu already paid the price. Have a great weekend

  9. Lovely, I claim it as well. Its time to let the past go and move forward into the promise of the Almighty.

  10. As always Buky, simple, but thought-provoking and profound piece. What an awesome post!!!

    I will add to my comment with the following:

    A man travelled to the land of "Success". He passed through a land to get there. This land has a river called the "Sea of Forgetfulness". Upon arriving at the city gate of "Success", he was denied entrance because one of his luggages contains failures & regrets and this is NOT allowed in the land of success. That luggage is called "The PAST". A lot of people are at the gate now, still carrying that luggage. It will do them well to go to the "Sea of Forgetfulness" and toss their past in that sea. Like Buky said, say bye-bye to your past. Let go of your past. It has served its purpose, if you have learnt from it. Now move on. Welcome your future with gratitude, joy and open arms. It will do you awesomely.

    • Joshua, thanks for sharing that I am sure many reading this will greatly benefit from it also. Thank you for all your guidance and encouragement. Have a great weekend.

  11. Buky….U rock!!!

  12. AMEN TO THAT!!!

    Yessss, no more returning to my vomit, IJN!!!

  13. A-M-I-N O!

    A letter from the depth of the heart….soul uplifting…weldone sister.

  14. I LOVE THIS. As a matter of fact, I've been thinking of writing something similar, but instead it would be a "Letter to my 16 year old Self". I love that God is able to give us the strength to say 'So Long' to our old selves, and hello to our new life with him.

    This post is awesome, and you are awesome.

    You already know that I love you, but did you know I want to be like you when I grow up? Because I do. :)

    • Dearest Sope – You need to write that letter, start today. It is amazing what you will learn and discover about yourself when you take the time to jot it down. Dont wait on others to tell your story, get familiar with yours today and pen it down. Now am curious to want to read it too.

      Sope, for a young lady you are amazing, talented and focused. You are well beyond your years and i look forward to talking with always. You challenge me to think deeper and to do better. I just love you guys so much. Tell mum if she is considering adopting an older daughter that I am first in line, LOL.

      Have a great weekend and talk soon.

  15. thejourneyofanevolvi

    this post really ministered to me. thanks so much

    • Evolving Lass, I am glad it ministered to you and it is awesome to have you on bukville. I checked out your blog and thanks for stalking bukville, Lol.

  16. Kayle Goldberg Lamar

    You are an amazing woman and your writings never cease to inspire me!
    Saturday at 8:50am

  17. Then goodness and mercy shall follow us the rest of our days..

  18. you said to me "you are stronger than you think"
    but the strenght i see in you is amazing.
    I am printing this out.
    You blog is a blessing to alot of us.
    Keep it up.

  19. Very nice Bukky! The past is what it is; the past.

  20. Wow! How long did it take you to compose this?

    No better way to start the new year than dropping old baggage off and starting on a clean slate.

    • Koinonia,

      Am glad you asked, this is one of my easier post to date. When I finished writing it, i thought "it is too simple". Guess what its the simple things that are most powerful.

      God give the gift, to Him be all the glory

  21. This is a really thought provoking piece, I'm glad to have seen it. And thanks for sharing.

    • Wow, Myne Whitman? The famous author? Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I am blown away and so proud of a sister doing great. All the best to you in 2011

  22. hey i nominated you for the stylish and versatile blogger award. visit my blog to check it out.

  23. Beautiful piece Buky. Beautiful piece. It is a blessing indeed to be able to visit the Internet at 4am and stumble on something that speaks to your spirit. I found your site after your lovely comment on my blog – thanks for that. But, interestingly, I really needed this, this morning. Thank you for speaking from the heart and for speaking to the power of a decision. I read something last week in Soren Kierkegaard's Provocations that says something to the effect of, when we make a decision, even the devil is powerless before us. Nothing can stop you now, or me or any of us, when our face is set as a flint. Thank you and Amen to everything you have written. I needed it.

  24. Wow! I truly love this. Deep and profound. Really Great post here.
    It means no more settling for mediocrity and the past that binds.
    Well done here.

    • Thanks for your fab comment. Remi, you sure know how to present the bible in a whole new light. Keep up the great job, love your latest about the story of Joseph.

  25. @ Tolulope Ilesanmi – Thanks Tolu, yes nothing can stop us once we make the decision to put our past behind. Thanks for commenting

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