Happy 1 year Anniversary Bukville!

Hello Everyone!

Bukville is ONE-year-old, wow! How time flies when you are having fun and pursuing your passion.

It seems like just yesterday when I was struggling to make sense of what blogging is all about? Deciding between WordPress and Blogger, and how to set up a WordPress blog.

How we have come a long way from that, and as befitting on our 1-year anniversary we have moved to a self-hosting domain.  I hope it gives us more flexibility with what can be achieved as our plans and vision are enlarged.

How do you like the new look? I haven’t made up my mind yet on the final look and things may soon change around.  What is important to me is to make the site user-friendly and accessible to all.

Got any suggestions? Share them with me and I may just consider it. Thanks!


Some of you may not know this, when I first started with Bukville. I contacted a lady online that I admired what she was doing. She became my mentor and she gave me valuable advice and guidance.

Her name is Bomi Jolly of Jollynotes.com – Bomi is a true inspiration to me and she is the author of all those wonderful inspirational notes on her site.

She impressed me with how freely and helpful she was to a total stranger. Being a Christian, wife and mother she is using her platform to inspire others and to share the good news of Christ. She is a role model to me and I am a better person for knowing her.

Bomi, I know you don’t need the traffic or attention – thank you very much for always reaching out to me and I know I can always count on your wisdom.

Just as she helped and advised me in my early days of blogging, I have always tried to do the same for new bloggers alike. I have discovered the joy of helping others reach their potential and I truly believe that there are still good people in this world. I have seen the power and blessings of Random Acts of Kindness.

I hope to blog about the importance of having a mentor in a future post. You don’t need to always re-invent the wheel and mentors have the advantage of wisdom and experience on their side.


I am doing great, thanks for asking and checking with me. I really appreciate and feel all your love and supports, thanks!

When I started Bukville my youngest was just 11mths old and you can find him sitting on my lap while I type away. That hasn’t changed much, lol. The preparation for Baby No.3 is in full swing and I hope you all bear with me during the transition period.


I have bunch of amazing followers and contributors on Bukville.com. So here is your chance to submit an article for guest post.

The conditions are as follows –

  1. You must be a confirmed subscriber to Bukville
  2. You article must be relevant and in line with Bukville vision
  3. It must be original – you as the author not someone else.
  4. It must not be longer than 1000 words
  5. Non-fiction – it can be about your life experience.


A big thanks you to all of you for your comments, support and encouragement. I couldn’t do this without you all. Thank you all for your openness and love, thru you all my faith in human kindness is restored and firmly in place.

Thanks to all my fellow bloggers for helping put the word out on your various blogs, facebook and twitter.

I hope to connect better after the baby and to return the favor back. Much appreciation.


During the migration to the new host, we lost a bunch of our subscription information. What a bummer! Kindly re-subscribe again and please confirm your subscription, checking that it’s not in your spam folder. A follow-up email on this shortly.

I look forward to another year of “intentional living”. This is our year of greatness and possessing all our dreams and vision. A year to overcome our fears and a time to SHINE.


About Buky

Buky is a ''Desperado after God". She is married to Adey and together they are raising 3 amazing children. She is a natural encourager, loves sharing practical experiences with others. She enjoys writing, reading, dabbling in stock trading, hanging out with friends and serving the body of Christ.


  1. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary Bukville! I love reading your blog and get inspired each time i do. Keep up the good work and i wish you many more years of success.

  2. Congrats on the one year anniversary, I know how fulfilling it can be to do what one enjoys. All the best in the months and years ahead.

    • Myne, Nothing is as fulfilling as discovering one's passion, and more important as using one's time and energy to do what you came here to do. I am having a blast, I am so grateful to God. Wishing you all the best too.

  3. Buky, Congratulations.

    I love your design. It has a fresh, cool feel to it and is easy to navigate around.

    I am a follower of jollynotes.com and I love her inspirational posts too.

    Praise the Lord, I am definitely in the right circle and I am happy that God has divinely, ‘hooked’ us up. Isn’t it wonderful to know, ‘Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend’ – Proverbs 27:17

    The Bible gives us many examples of mentoring and I look forward to your posts on that subject, as I look forward to all your posts.

    May the Lord, bless you and keep you , and may His face shine upon you.


    • Ms Carole, I really appreciate you, we keep finding out that we have much more in common. Iron sharpeneth iron indeed. Bomi of Jollynotes is a gem and I am glad God gave me the wisdom to seek her out.

      Thank you and have a glorious week.

  4. Congratulations Bukky and good luck with that number 3 child. You know what they say: Number 3 is always special…I speak from experience :)…Anyway, I have only recently known about your blogs and your tweets because I too am new to all of it, but I have to say that you inspire me. I look foward to reading more from you :)

  5. Congratulations Buky. May you continue to go from strength to strength and from

    glory to glory. I am one of those "hidden" bloggers that benefited from your constructive feedback and increased traffic. I came across your blog through Lara Daniels and I consider you both an inspiration. It is hard enough being a wife, mother and worker but to find time to blog regularly requires you operating at a higher level of existence. Congratulations are therefore even more deserved. All the best with number 3. Grace is available to you.

    • Tolu, your writing have blessed me but also challenged me to come aside and draw on the deep things of God. Its so refreshing to discover your blog, keep being authentic. Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean [men] Prov 22:29

  6. Congratulations bukky,may God continue to strengthens you day by day.I'm one of your fans that love to read your blog anytime and any day,you're doing great and keep up the good works because you're born to succeed.I love you and you blog,number 3 is fantastic.

  7. Buky,

    Congrats on this new milestone. It's amazing how quickly time can fly and how much has been achieved when you look back. I enjoy reading your blog, for its openness, honesty and practicality. Keep up the good work.

    Speaking of mentors, I strongly believe in the value of having a good mentor. Look forward to your post on this subject.

    On another note, your move to self-hosted wordpress – how smooth was it? Thinking of making the transition from blogger.

    • Chichi, I enjoy reading your blog and I secretly stalked you for a long time, lol!

      How smooth was it? Let’s just say I had a stressful weekend, trying to figure it out but I was determined and it paid off. I had been researching and bookmarking sites for helpful resources.

      Like anything new, it can be scary. Go for it but make sure you set a weekend aside so you can concentrate better. My husband looked after the children if not I won’t be able to achieve it so quickly. I will encourage you to go for it and if you need any help, you got it.

  8. Congratulation sister…. i pray for more inspiration from you through the holy spirit & thanks also to your mentor.GOD bless you..xxxx

  9. Congrats sis.

    Happy one year anniversary bukville!!!

    I got to know about your blog not quite long and i have been so impressed by what God is doing through you.

    God bless you.

  10. Bon Anniversaire!

    One year! You are indeed resilient. I am just about 5 months into bologging and can attest to how tasking that can be.

    The new look is 'bubbly' – it can only get better.

    Thnaks so much for using the internet as a platform to share your experience and councel on effective Christian living. God bless.


  11. Oh wow wow wow…

    I came here to say "Happy Birthday" and a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to Bukville and I was pleasantly surprised by all of your kind words! Wow:)! Thank you so much…. I am so glad we were divinely "hooked" up like Carole said:D and I am trusting and believing that we will all continue to support and encourage each other…

    Thank you for the value you have added to my life…. I am certainly also a better person because of you all. Happy Birthday and CONGRATULATIONS:)! I know by God's grace God's hand will continually be upon us all as we seek to do his will in all we do.

    Congratulations once again, wishing you all the very very best with everything!:)!

    Much love and Blessings to you and yours:)!

    & Carole, thank you thank you thank you:)! thanks for your VERY encouraging words and your sweet spirit. Thank you:). The feeling is absolutely and definitely mutual – I thank you.


    Buky, I really appreciate the link, the traffic and the attention – please don't ever think I don't need it LOL!! I totally do:D!!! & I certainly appreciate it very much:)!

    Have a very blessed day everyone:)!!


    • Bomi,

      Thanks for being so kind and generous to me. Your advice and guidance still rings in my head and I really appreciate you a lot.

      Please keep on being you, just an inspiration and a generous giver. Thank for alway speaking the truth in love, i have so much to still learn from you, even if its from a distance.

      Have a great year, dear friend.

  12. Happy anniversary, sister mi , am so happy for you , these past months that I have met you , it is like forever , your advice , your prayers , they have so much effect in my life . when I met you, i didn't exactly know who I am , i knew God , but I wasn't sure about somethings in my life , my femininity needed mentorship, sister mi , you happily stood up to the responsibility , through your words , you made me to rediscover myself again, most times when issues tend to make shoulders slump in defeat , then I remember words from the Scriptures and your own words, suddenly my drooped shoulders will rise . You are a virtuous woman , women like you are so rare , like I used to tell you , God has your back , He won't ever leave you and your family. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY,SISTER.

    • Tolulope,

      You are too kind, you are such an amazing woman with so much gift and talent. The world is about to discover "what Tolulope will do next".

      I am so blessed to be connected to you, you have made it so easy to pour into you because you are hungry for all of God's best, that is rare. Thanks for your love and support always. Love you dear sister

  13. Hi Bukola,

    Is so good and encouraging to know Bukvilla is now one. You have being consistence in your doing, may the good lord bless you and your family.

    Your friend


  14. Wow, wow, wow!!! Bukville @ 1 – simply amazing! I cannot believe you have been at this for a good year now. You have truly inspired me with your unwavering passion to support and build people up. Your life epitomizes "light of the World" that we are meant to be in this life. You are a phenomenal woman doing it afraid and conquering the world! I love the way you merge reality with spirituality -that is well appreciated

    Continue to shine brighter and brighter unto the day of glory.

    • Blimey,

      My dear friend and dream partner. Where has the time gone? Thank you for helping me to stay the course and always honest with your feedbacks. Isnt God amazing? I am mostly excited about your project, bring it on LADY!

  15. hello buky

    how are you?

    congratulations!!! you deserve every good thing that comes with blogging as well as your development physically, mentally and spiritually.

    your blog has touched lives and i pray for an increase as you expand your horizons and take your blog to another level.

    i also pray for the strength to create a balance in all you do and i trust God to lead you as you support your husband and raise a family.

    take care of yourself and enjoy the rest of the day.

    • Ayo, a big AMEN to your prayers, thanks.

      I am truly blessed to have met so many wonderful people thru blogging. Yourself included and to derived so much pleasure from being a part of so many lives. Wishing you a great year filled with inspiration and blessings.

  16. BUKY I am SO PROUD OF YOU! This has been such a refreshing stream of Great wisdom and just good common sense! This combination should transform us ALL!
    Be inspired to continue as you minister to all who have ears to hear and eyes to see.
    Again I will say “GREAT JOB WELL DONE”

    • Laura, Wow! Havent we come a long way! You have been there right from the start. You are loyal and a great supporter, you helped make it so easy to carry on. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, much appreciations.

  17. Hi Buky,

    Congratulations on your 1st anniversary even though you didn't send us cake…..lol

    I sincerely thank God for meeting you through the blogging platform, you have really been a great inspiration to me. May you continue to grow from strength to strength IJN.

    Thanks for being the sister you are and do have a blast of another year blogging.


  18. Congratulations to bukville, may the grace of God to carry on continually be made available for you Bukky. Keep up the good work.

  19. Wow, well done! Happy Anniversary. Its great what God has done in and through in 12 months. May you keep getting stronger and stronger and long live Bukville.com. Your oil shall never run dry.

  20. Happy one year anniversary and a BIG congratulations, Bukky. May the works of your hands continue to be abundantly blessed, and may your seeds go forth and bear fruit in Jesus Name. Even as you keep helping people, may you never lack any help in your own life. Cheers to your pen.

    PS: I love the new look.

  21. Ms. Buky! Congratulations! You know I love your blog! Waiting to learn more from you! God bless!

  22. Happy birthday!!

    Great thing are in store for you :o)

    I've been encouraged a lot by Bukville and I'm inspired to 'live intentionally'. Thanks for being a source of inspiration. I'm looking forward to seeing you sometime soon, now that I'm in Htown. xoxoxo


  23. I hope to share my story on your blog someday; and when i do, pls post it. Thanks for mirroring your life to us!

  24. Congratulations! I've been trying to send a message but time did not permit. I never use read blogs until yours came along. Thank God for you and keep up the good work.

  25. @ Temiville – Hi Lady, thanks you.

    @ Jaycee – A big amen sister. thanks!

    @ Adri – Thanks a lot! Much more to learn and grow together

    @ Gbemi – Welcome to H-Town, i look forward to putting a face to the name. I pray things will work out just fine.

  26. @ Cella – I look forward to sharing your life story, am sure others will be blessed by it. Thank you.

    @ Yetunde – Awwhhahah that is so kind of you to mention. Thanks for being a blessing.

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