No Valentine Here

I am not big on Valentine’s Day but I like having my husband around all the time.

While like many others, I am missing my husband. I can’t help but spare a thought for others that are struggling around this time.

My thoughts are with all our military families who are separated from their husbands and wives defending our country. May God’s protection be with you and I pray for your safe return home.

My thoughts are with the newly separated or divorced that are struggling right now with a huge decision about their future. Don’t be hasty in your decision. I pray that God will heal your pain.

My thoughts are with the newly widowed, who will spend this week reminiscing about the love of your life who is no more. Those memories are yours to treasure and keep for life, enjoy it.

My thought is with that teenager who will not receive any valentine card or invite again this year. Trust me there are many more that you will get to enjoy, stay strong.

My thoughts are with you that have never known or experience a romantic valentine ever.  You will get your chance to shine with your prince or princess before long, believe and it shall happen.

Whatever category you find yourself this year, and you are not happy with where you are. Now is the time to reflect on how it can be better next year.

Just like I will be missing my husband on valentine day or any day. Remember that God is the greatest love of all.

Romans  8:38-39

38-For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities no powers, nor things present nor things to come.

39- Nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord

Stay strong, your tomorrow will be better than today!

About Buky

Buky is a ''Desperado after God". She is married to Adey and together they are raising 3 amazing children. She is a natural encourager, loves sharing practical experiences with others. She enjoys writing, reading, dabbling in stock trading, hanging out with friends and serving the body of Christ.


  1. Your write-up always touch my heart. While people will be busy buying and exchanging gifts,you thought about those who silently in their mind will be wishing to do the same.In case you don't know, you are a mentor. I created my blog the first day I came across your blog 'cos I have always wanted an avenue to pour out my mind without having to talk to people about it.Keep it up.

  2. Buky, your words never cease to touch my heart! It has a way of piercing through the hardest mind. Spend some beautiful time with the kids on Valentine’s day..take them out and buy some goodies for them; Dad will be happy you did! I know you wish your husand was around, but make the kids happy and you’d be happier! Stay strong for the kids..

  3. What a thoughtful post Buky, I agree with what Cella and Lara has said.

    Maybe, when you and your hubby are together again, you can catch up, reciting some of those romantic verses to each other from the Song of Solomon!!

    May the blessing of the Lord, overtake you and your family.

    Carole :)

  4. Very thoughtful of you Aunty Buky, your always thinking of others. Know that God is also mindful of you and His thoughts towards you are oh so precious. He has loved you with such a love that He sent His only Begottten Son to hed blood for you.

    Hope the pregnancy is coming along smoothly? Plenty of rest! God Bless you and Happy Valentine's Day (for tomorrow and always).

  5. Buky, what can I say , well done , you are one wonderful, you have been used to be part of the people making sure my head is correct at all times. My heart goes out the newly divorced, newly widowed, I pray their eyes will be opened to see the greatest love which is exclusively from God.I love the link and the twist . Happy Valentine to you ma and to everyone.

  6. What a beautiful way of encouraging others by using your own current state of missing your hubby to remember others who would have wished to have a valentine day other than the one they will be celebrating this year. I join you in remembering these special people, especially the widowed and divorced and teens – I pray that they will have the most precious Valentine this year: Of knowing the God who left his comforts to rescue them for himself. That is the best valentine …the best love story ever! Have an awesome Valentine Bukky! God bless.

  7. Thanks a lot Bukky !

    This post is the one I Needed right now…As I find myself in the 5th catogory…those who have never known or experience a romantic valentine ever.

    When I read "You will get your chance to shine with your prince or princess before long, believe and it shall happen."…I see nothing but God Almighty DIRECTLY SPEAKING TO ME behing these words.

    I trust, I know He'll surprise me..!

    Thanks Bukky, and stay blessed always !

  8. How thoughtful of u to remember these categories of people in this season…I join you in these thots towards them. God bless us all.

  9. Buky,

    Once again bravo. Job well done. We most times find ourselves lost in loving just our immediate friends/relatives but surely there is more to the season than this class of people.

    Enjoy the vals day with the kids knowing fully well that hubby surely loves you.

  10. Happy Valentine's day to you and yours…wishing you much joy, much love now and always. Amen to your very thoughtful words and prayers concerning others.

    Hope you and your kids have a wonderful time:)! Video chat via skype works great for us when hubby is away:) – of course, nothing like the real deal lol:)!



  11. Thanks for the inspiring insight, Buky. Separation I guess, has both benefits and disadvantages. Benefits because you will seemed to find the worth of someone or even something if it became separated from yours. Therefore making you see the beauty of daily loving and considering every moment as a gift. Disadvantage because, sometimes separation triggers loss of hope, faith and even love. Hoping for your hope to never quench, for your faith to never fail and for your love to go on forever, Buky. God bless.:)

  12. @ Celia – thanks girl, i had a great one just me and the children. Any excuse to eat some chocolates.

    @ Lara – We must always remember others regardless of our own happy state of mind. I have had many lonely Valentine days and will always remember those that are less fortunate in love. Thanks Sister.

    @ Carol – Songs of Solomon indeed, Lol. Yes, i am looking forward to a belated Valentines celebration for sure, thanks

  13. @ Nike – Hello Lady, its been a while? I trust all is well with you and you are having a blast. Yes the pregnancy is great and we are counting down now.

    Nike you are always in my thots and prayers, distance is no barrier. Love you girl.

    @ Tolu – I am glad that God connected us and you have been a blessing and inspiration.

    @ Sonia – I am so glad this post ministered to you directly and i pray that God will grant your heart desires speedily.

  14. @ Olumide – How can I not remember others, when I used to be one of them. Thank God for many chances and restoration.

    I feel honored to be considered for such post, whatever help i can render, you got it lady. I checked your blog and you are just awesome. I am a follower for sure.

    Thanks for being a blessing

  15. @ Anoda Phase – Many thanks.

    @ Abayomi, hello bro, thanks. i love your post on valentines day. It captures what i was feeling.

    @ Bomi – Lol, yes o we use every means to stay in touch, thanks. I trust yours was wonderful.

    @ Lab coats – absence makes the heart grow fonder! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  16. This is my first time here and just wanted to stop by and say hi there everyone.

  17. @ Sarah – Welcome to Bukville!! Thanks for taking the time to stop by, cant wait to get to know you better! Have a great week!

  18. ha bukky thanks for this piece even though its way past valentine, reading this piece brought me comfort in this period of waiting. I’ve never had romantic valentine and every year i wonder if this will be the year that i will get my first. I guess this year is not it but God saw me thru that day. thanks for this piece you’ve really touched my heart

    • Yetunde, imagine how great next valentine will be!! I pray that God will see you thru your waiting time and he will bring you your ideal partner.

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