Introducing: Baby Joshua

Hello Everyone,

Finally some pictures of Joshua to share with you all. Having Joshua home in the past 2 weeks has been interesting to say the least.

Joshua has a healthy appetite for an infant, he sleeps, eats and poo! Which is great except that he sleeps all day and wake up at 12 midnight then refuses to sleep until 4am.

For some reason I cant remember our other 2 children doing this, but Adey says it was the same!  It all seems new all over again, so you can imagine in the morning I am not alert at all.

Overall, he is a good baby and for now I’m on his schedule.

Faith and David are deliriously happy to have a new baby at home. They don’t quite get it yet that Joshua is here to compete for some of their attention, lol!

They love him too much that we have to keep them all apart. 

We had a naming ceremony for Joshua on the 8th day; it was a great turn out with lot of food and drinks! Let me see, Joshua has in total about 6 names but only 2 goes on the birth certificate.

We are grateful to all our friends and family for their support at this time and also for all the gifts, love offerings and food. We are so honored and blessed by the love you have shown our family. We look forward to rejoicing with you and your family also soon!!.

We continue to pray for those that are still standing in faith for the fruit of the womb. We know that God is indeed faithful and there is nothing that is impossible for Him. Never give up— even when you are faithless, He is faithful.

About Buky

Buky is a ''Desperado after God". She is married to Adey and together they are raising 3 amazing children. She is a natural encourager, loves sharing practical experiences with others. She enjoys writing, reading, dabbling in stock trading, hanging out with friends and serving the body of Christ.



  2. He’s so adorable, and you two look great together. God’s blessings!

  3. He is gorgeous. may he be a bringer of abundant blessings to your family.

  4. OMG…. Baby Josh is looking very cute!!! Can I take him home when I come for summer?????
    I bless God for all His faithfulness to your family. We rejoice with you for such wonderful gift from God and pray that He will grant both of you the grace and enablement to bring the little ones up to fear and reference Him. Take care and see you soon!!

    God bless

  5. Congrats Aunt B. He is beautiful. God bless your home.

  6. He’s such a handsome boy. :)

  7. Carole in the UK

    Beautiful, and what a fine head of hair he has Buky, and I love his cute nose.

    Thank you for sharing and for praying for those that are still standing in faith for the fruit of the womb.

    Psalm 115:14 – The LORD shall, increase you more and more, you and your children .
    (And your hubby of course!)

    Blessings, from my house to your house :)

    • Ms Carole, Many thanks. We are all doing great and adjusting to our new duties.
      A part of me will always and never forget what it feels like to be in waiting, anticipating. I know that God is faithful is we dont give up.

      Much blessings to you

  8. Buky,
    Joshua is beautiful! You guys make some cute kiddos! If I ever can’t sleep, I will think of you …. asleep all day and awake all night! Get some rest and bless you and your entire family! Love, Kayle and Steve

  9. Congrats again, he is so adorable.

  10. Congratulations Buky
    It’s great to know mum and baby are doing fine.
    Take care of yourself and enjoy the rest of the day.

  11. PRAISE JESUS……. for a safe delivery. your Bundle of joy will increase each day, God will continue to bless you and hubby and his grace will overflow upon ur lives to continue to be the best parents to these beautiful joyful bundle… he is absolutely adorable and i want to give him a hug and cuddle… I love new born babies… emosh..

    Congratulations again Bucky you deserve to be happy and thanks for sharing.

    God bless your home now and forever…….. my hugs and kisses to cute joshua… his name is officially cutie J…..LOL

    P.s u look awesome… yummy mummy, it doesnt look like u were preggi at all(wink)…

  12. his hair is so lovely…and u two look so cool together…God bless him.

  13. awwwwwwwwwww, handsome!…..congratulation sis,

    p.s..hmmmmm baby no 5 dey hungry me ooo as i dey look baby Joshua , but hubby go hit the roof if i try the ‘joke’ on am o…awwwwwwwww so sweet.

  14. Am so happy for you , sister mi , i am privileged to have seen the pictures before now, but all the same it is still wonderful to see Joshua. Joshua, you will fulfill God’s plans for your life , you will grow to be a man of God, you will be exactly what God wants you to be.

  15. Congratulations Buky,God bless the family!! he’s soooo adorable and he shares a birthdate with my nephew so he’s especially cute!!! May the Lord continue to strengthen you
    takia and try to rest some when he’s sleeping!

  16. He is so cute and I love his hair. Congratulations Buky.

  17. Congrats ma,your baby looks so much like you.may sounds of joy never cease in your household.

  18. oh my goodness….how precious. He is soooo delightfully cute. And you are looking absolutely fab for someone who has just had a baby. Congratulations!

  19. Aww how precious, he’s adorable! Congrats, u look great also!

  20. Joshua is adorable and he’s got lovely hair. Buky, you look great and very sharp. Congrats once again.

  21. Congrats once again,baby joshua is calm,lovely,cute,handsome,beautiful and peaceful.I love his hair so much,May he grow to be fulfilled in life,well done bukky and God bless u for taking gud care of him.

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