Day 11 – Thankful For My In-Laws

Day 11: Thankful for My In-Laws

Today, I am thankful for my wonderful in-laws. I am proud to be part of God’s family that truly love and care for each other.  Whatever misgivings I may have had about in-laws have been completely dispelled.

This year we celebrated our 6 yrs of marital bliss and my in-laws contributed to our happy marriage by not interfering or having an agenda. They simply supported us with their love and prayers. It is so clear to me that they wished us nothing but pure happiness and joy and they have demonstrated that by just loving us in return.

To My In-Laws
Thank you for supporting us always with prayers and treating us equally with love and respect.

Thank you for your wise counsel and constantly covering us with prayers. We can never get enough of that! By your conducts, you have been great examples for us to imitate. Thank you for stepping up to the plate and having a standard of excellence for us to follow


November: A Month Of Giving Thanks!

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