Day 28 – Thankful For My Wigs

Day 28 – Thankful For My Wigs

What? What? Wig? Did you say wigs? Yes! LOL.

On a lighter note, I am thankful for my wigs. In the last one year, I have gone natural. Afro natural, as in I chopped off my permed hair.

The path to going natural has taken me to wig wearing. My hair is growing pretty good but with natural hair, you have to be proactive. If I don’t twist my hair the night before, I can’t even show my face to the public the next day! My hair is as kinky as can be; full, thick and growing fast. My hair and I have become too close for comfort and the only way to put distance between us is to wear a wig.

Wearing a wig comes with holy fear and trepidation. My son Joshua has a strong grip on him, he would love nothing better than to yank my wig off. So I wear it at my own risk, I say special prayers on Sunday so that he won’t yank it off in the middle of the church service!

I am not a fan of wigs, but I don’t have much choice when I am having a bad hair day. My nerves have been paying big time for wearing them so I am giving it a break for now. Still, I am thankful for them on days I need to dash out of the house quickly.

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