Always Trust Your Instincts

The No.2 Lesson I learned in 2011 – To always trust my instincts.

Always Trust Your Instincts is  No.3 on the  12 Ways You Can Kick Start The New You.

Last year I was faced with a decision whether I should or should not. My instinct was shouting NO! I have a pretty good instinct and in the past it has helped guide me in the right direction.

I usually don’t ignore my instincts, for the best part I follow my instincts. On this particular occasion I didn’t and I had to live with the consequences of not being true to myself.

When we are faced with serious life decisions we often have to consider how it will affect other people in our lives. Some decisions are far easier to make than others.

I decided to go against my gut feelings based on “it won’t look good and it doesn’t speak well of us”. The outcome was far worst than what I was trying to avoid. Going with the statue quo eventually leads to series of bad events.

I dropped the ball and ignored my instincts but I am not crying over spilled milk. As painful as the outcome of my decision, I actually learned a lot of very valuable lessons.

I’ve learned that I should always trust my instincts.

I learned that even when making the right decision, it could still be painful.

I’ve learned that I can’t expect people to always see my point of view immediately.

I’ve learned that I don’t want to win the popularity contest.

I’ve learned that what I was trying to avoid would sometimes still happen.

I have learned that I can’t let others decide my path while I sit on the sidelines pointing fingers and placing blame.

I’ve learned to not be too quick at judging other since I have not walked in their shoes.

I’ve learned that being a people pleaser doesn’t make one happy.

I’ve learned to cherish my peace, joy and especially guard my heart.

I’ve learned to protect my home and whom I let into my space.

I’ve learned when I allow people with negative energy and vibes into my space it brings out the worst in me.

I’ve learned that I must stick to my chosen path regardless of what anyone does.

I learned that access to me is a privilege and not a right.

I have learned to stop doing things out of obligation or guilt but out of a good conscience.

I’ve learned that some people are best-loved from a distance until they show they can love without motives.

I have learned to not confuse forgiveness for trust. I will always forgive but I may not trust the same person again.

Things just don’t happen, they happen for a reason. There are lessons to be learnt from negative situations. You can turn it round for your own good. Stop focusing on the “whys” but on what can I learn from this event?

 Own your decision, own your world.

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What great lessons have you learned lately?

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Buky is a ''Desperado after God". She is married to Adey and together they are raising 3 amazing children. She is a natural encourager, loves sharing practical experiences with others. She enjoys writing, reading, dabbling in stock trading, hanging out with friends and serving the body of Christ.


  1. This is very very very very EXPLICIT… WOW… I agree with each point made.. so right…. couldn’t have put it together  better  myself.. ilike,

    I have also learned loads…. I have learnt that I should never stop learning and I should embrace every opportunity to learn as it will continue to develop me and enhance my mental growth and development. I always desire to LEARN… one really acquire immeasurable wisdom and attitude through learning.

    Most importantly, life is journey full of experiences and channeling   all negative experiences  towards positive ones  helps to  create a  healthy cycle and ease the burden…

  2. Hi, I like your way of thinking.
    It’s very bright. But I do have some questions on always trusting your instinct.
    I myself recently have ignored what my gut has been telling me for too long now and it’s slowly eating me up.
    Me and my partner have been together almost a year now and more than half of the time has been shit.
    I’ve believed so many of his lies in the past. That now I don’t know what to believe.
    I see him looking at other girls and I get a accused of lying.
    I’ve been informed maybe more than twice that he has cheated on me.
    Please if you could give me any advise or help it would really help change a relationship.

    • India, Thank you for your comment and for being candid.

      I dont have all the fact to based my advice upon. But this is what I know from your comment.
      If you continued to ignore your instincts or gut-feelings you will always doubt yourself. Trusting your instincts is something you practice and with time you just know!
      Those that knows you better than I have already informed you of his “unfaithfulness”. If you didnt take their advise, why should you take mine?
      If you have caught him looking at girls in your presence – that is pretty disrespectful if you ask me!
      India, Have the courage to make A decision. Then move on from there. The truth is, deciding to not make a decision is a decision in itself! What do you have to lose by making a decision? I think this is really a question that only you can answer?

      I will leave you with this question. If you have a daughter and your boyfriend happens to be the man of her dream how does that make you feel? Whatever your answer is for her is the answer you are seeking for yourself.

      I have no doubt that your will make the best decision for yourself. Remember, we teach people how to treat us.

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