I Will No Longer Work For Money

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Since my first job at the age of 17yrs old, I had always worked for money.

Some people work for passion while others just like myself simply work for money. While, there is nothing wrong with working for money. Either way you look at it you are getting paid for services provided.

As for me it’s been too long and not satisfying. Money gets spent and sometimes you really have nothing to show for it and that yearning in your soul for something more satisfying and fulfilling never disappears.

I have always been blessed with moving from one job to another. I have changed careers several times hoping that this next one is the ONE.

I moved from Financial Accounting to Legal Accounting. I remember when I started working as a Cost Clerk then moved on to become a Legal Biller and Revenue Controller. The higher I got, the more the money came rolling in too.

It allowed me to be independent and decision-making became easier. There I was all dressed up in my power suit strutting my fine self up and about the City of London.

I got to work with the finest law firm in the world (Clifford Chance) I thought yep I have reached the promise land.

Hmm NOT so.

So I was looking good and living well too. Single and proud not depending on no man. I can pay my bills and my mortgage.

But I was always on the look out for something else. For a long time I didn’t understand why. Why can’t I just be happy with this current job. My friends would give an arm and a leg to be where I am. I desperately wanted to love this job and stick with it for as long as possible.

“When you choose to remain in a job that is not your calling it will only serve as a source of income but never a source of joy” – Pastor Sunday Adelaja

Once again those feelings returned. I know it was time to move on yet again.

I started to see that I am the common denominator.  How long will I continue to move from job to job?  I really need to get a hold on this. My reason for moving on was simply boredom and lack of motivation. After a while the job just gets monotonous and after asking yet again for more responsibility didn’t fair well with management.

I looked at my employment history and I have always worked I had to work, it’s not like I have a trust fund to rely on or I have parents that were uber rich. Nothing was given to me, I have had to work and fend for myself.

So, I know that I am not lazy I am not just happy in these roles even though I am excellent at my job. Oh I love billing and costing files. I love chasing the law partners and associates regarding meeting the monthly deadlines. So what is missing?

Will I forever keep moving from job to job?

How long will I keep working for money?

What am I born to do, surely there is something but what is it?


{This is part of a series  chronicling My Journey To Self-Employment}

Question ~ How about you? Are you working for money or your passion?


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  1. Interesting intro…cant wait for the rest of the series…I’m sure I’m going to learn yet another lesson from u.

  2. Great piece, cant wait for the continuation. Hoping to learn some great tip towards self employment. thanks

  3. waiting for the continuation too. Hoping to get some tips too.

  4. Something I just started thinking about. Nice one :)

  5. I am seeing shades of myself in what you outlined such as

    “…But I was always on the look out for something else…”

    “….My reason for moving on was simply boredom and lack of motivation. After a while the job just gets monotonous and after asking yet again for more responsibility didn’t fair well with management….”

    I love it and I like what it is stirring in me. Thank you much :)

    • Tolu, I share in you excitement and the stirring will awaken the giant in you. We are the children of a Greater God and we carry in us greatness.

      As you take a step toward your dream, you open yourself to creative ideas and solutions. Dream BIG, Go BIG.

      I pray you will stir up the gift of God, which is in you 2Tim 1:6

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