Joshua Is Off To Kindergarten

I’ve had better days, today isn’t one for sure. I’ve been looking forward to Joshua starting kindergarten for a long time. I’ve watched him cry because he couldn’t get on the big yellow bus with Faith and David.

Finally it’s Joshua’s turn. I want to capture every moment, I want to remember everything about today because once it’s gone, that’s it.

I’m such an emotional basket today. I’m not strong; I’m simply Joshua’s mom! My baby boy is off to kindergarten to change the world.

When Faith left for kinder, I had my hand full with David and I welcome the change. When David left I had my hands full with Joshua. Now that he’s gone to experience his first day, I’m a total mess!


A little confession: In the past I’ve listened to other moms expressed their sadness when their children left for school and I just didn’t get. I thought to myself “that will never be me”. See? Judge not! You probably won’t get it until it happens to you. I’ve always kid myself on being a strong Sistah and couldn’t wait for my children to go and make a difference in the world. Well today, I’m not strong; I’m simply Joshua’s momma!

Before long they will be off to Uni. and getting married. Ok, maybe not just yet. I’m glad life is in stages and not all at once. Each time we celebrate a new milestone, it’s life way of preparing us for the next transition.  They are growing too fast, where has the time gone?

All in all, my day ended on a happy note, Faith, David and Joshua had a great day and they can’t wait for school tomorrow.  It’s time for me to put on my super mom cape for tomorrow. 

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