Lesson learned: There Are No Shortcuts In Life.

There are no shortcuts in life. Anytime I thought I’d found one: I’ve gone twice the distance and paid thrice the price. Lesson learned!

If only I’d gotten this lesson down earlier in life! Never too late though. That was the story of my life. Maybe you can relate too. Taking shortcuts: lying, keeping up with the Joneses,  procrastination, cheating, wrong relationship, plagiarism, sabotaging, withholding information and fraud, just to name a few.  Avoid these pitfalls and seek God for your identity in Christ Jesus. 

A shortcut is the longest route to nowhere. 

Lesson learned: There Are No Shortcuts In Life.

What’s The Rush?

Stop looking for shortcuts and quick fixes. Do the work & acquire the right set of skills to help you become A Master in your chosen field! You can do it!

There are many temptations on the path to fulfilling your destiny. Avoid shortcuts and loopholes, get rich quick schemes and scams. They will only lead to regret and misery. If it sounds too good to be true: Run for your life!

“He that hastens to be rich has an evil eye and does not consider that poverty shall come upon him.” (Proverbs 28:22)

A shortcut is the path that seems right but only lead to disappointment,  lawlessness, disorderliness and painful regrets. Seek truth and love which will take you to greatness and honor. Discover your purpose in life by doing what you love, making a difference and getting paid for it. 

Taking shortcuts is a clear sign of ignorance, unbelief in God and lack of faith in one’s abilities. It robs you of any credibility and makes you an easy target for criminals.  

What I know today: Sweat equity creates value. Do not get weary in the pursuit of your passion. Be diligent, pour your heart and soul into your work. Bless the world with your gift and God will enlarge and multiply your efforts. 

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Buky is a ''Desperado after God". She is married to Adey and together they are raising 3 amazing children. She is a natural encourager, loves sharing practical experiences with others. She enjoys writing, reading, dabbling in stock trading, hanging out with friends and serving the body of Christ.

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