Living Within Your Limits.

I wanted to have five children, initially, yes 5! Why? I was clueless and living in Lala land. Once we had our 3rd, I realized my limit. Fast forward, with two children in Elementary School and a middle schooler, I get three sets of school media information daily! It’s a struggle staying on top of emails and making sure vital pieces of information are not lost with the junk. Then add homework, project deadline, extracurricular activities, birthday parties, cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Saying No to things became easy. This Mom is trying to have a life too. That’s why I can’t handle other people’s drama because I have enough of my own. Plain and simple.

As someone who used to love working under pressure, multi-tasking, even I have my limits. Life can be whatever we make it. It doesn’t have to be hard. Have we made it harder for ourselves to feel important?

Limits or limitations connotes negative vibes such as having to make do with less or without. Are we losing out or is our reality distorted?

Know Your Limits.
To know your limits, you’ll need to take an honest inventory of your life. Knowing your season helps define your limits: what you can and cannot do. Having a better understanding of your limit decides your commitment and priority.

Knowing my limits drive me to my knees, to pray and intercede for the need of others. Praying for others is the least we can do. No excuse. Everyone can pray.

As we become more self-aware, our true-self emerges; we can show up for ourselves and others by learning to operate within the confines of our limitations while respecting others.

Living within limits is key to achieving balance in life. As you realize your limits, you’ll start living a purposeful life. When you know your limits, you can live a well-balanced life.

“When you say ‘Yes’ to others, make sure you are not saying ‘No’ to yourself.” ― Paulo Coelho

Life is too short to waste time on minor issues. Somethings are beyond your power and control. Hand it over to God.

Knowing My Limits

Limits Are Real.
Limitations are real and show up differently for each person. Limits are not all bad; it brings clarity and order to life. It helps to speed up decision-making. Whoever fights their reality will lose. 

We must work the works of him who sent me while it is day; night is coming, when no one can work. John 9:4, ESV.

Our time on earth is limited, and the days are short. There are 24 hours in a day. The sun does not shine all day neither does the moonshine all night. If you go against the order of God, you might die before your time.

Our limitations do not limit us. We are limited in our thought, fear, belief, culture, and traditions. Within the scope of our limitations, there is room to live a limitless life.

The body is not meant to endure long-term stress: You cannot survive without sleep and water. The earth was here before you and will be here after you are gone. Know your limits, respect the laws of God and nature, and love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Embrace Your Limits.
Instead of resisting, surrender, and embrace your limitations for therein lies your uniqueness, strengths, and advantages. Embracing limits enable us to live without guilt or shame and free to be our true self.

Helen Keller, at 19 months old, contracted an illness, which left her both deaf and blind. She learned how to live with her limiting disabilities.

She was the first deaf and blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. She was proficient in using Braille and sign language. She advocated for people with disabilities and women right to vote and access to birth control. She learned how to speak and became a world-famous speaker, an activist, and author. She did it her way!

When you reach your limit and have done all you know to do: Surrender.

Some of you say, “We can do whatever we want to!” But I tell you that not everything may be good or helpful. 1 Corinthians 10:23 CEV.

“You can do anything, but not everything.” ― David Allen

When the life you once had is over, you have the opportunity to embrace the new one with optimism. God can create a unique experience out of the broken ruins of your old life.

Have you bitten more than you can swallow? Don’t carry more than you can handle. Leave the heavy load to God. You are not JESUS!

You can’t pray away every problem. You can accept it, live with it, or learn to love it. 

What if your limitations are blessings in disguise?


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