Hindsight Is 2020

Hola Friends! 2020 tried us all on a global scale. We made it, and here we are together again. Some of us are bruised, shaken and stirred, humbled, thriving, in recovery, and still doing our best to show up fully. May we not take each day we are alive and healthy for granted.

In hindsight, everything had been preparing us for 2020 had we listened more to the still small voice within, slowed down, made the necessary adjustments, taken the path less traveled, danced to our own rhythm, become true to ourselves, honored God’s values, etc. The past challenges, upheaval, loss, rejections, misunderstanding, and closed doors, were all designed to awaken our consciousness for change and shift naturally without force. It’s never too late to apply lessons learned.

The way to your breakthrough is through the storms of life.

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The year 2020 forced many of us to prune our old ways, idols, and bad habits. To acknowledge our skewed viewpoints, privileges, biases, and ungodly ties.

Personally, I wouldn’t have survived 2020 had I not.

Surrender to God.

Learn to protect my peace and energy.

Simplify my life and return to basics.

Learn to live in the present moment: Take things daily.

Identified my community and became committed to doing life with them.

Live by my values.

Let go of Religion.

Major on doing my inner work.

Developed a deeper personal relationship with God. 

Established daily spiritual practices.

Learn to hold loosely to the things of this world.

Have faith in God’s word.

Know that comparison is the thief of joy. – “Theodore Roosevelt.”

Come to an understanding that Death is not to be feared.

God in His infinite mercy and love carries us through the storms of life. He never leaves or abandons us. He never gives us more than we can handle. And He doesn’t expect us to figure it out alone.

You crown the year with Your goodness, And Your paths drip with abundance: psalm 65:11, NKJV.

Happy New Year! I hope 2021 is up to a great start!

What hindsight nuggets did you glean from 2020?

About Buky

Buky is a ''Desperado after God". She is married to Adey and together they are raising 3 amazing children. She is a natural encourager, loves sharing practical experiences with others. She enjoys writing, reading, dabbling in stock trading, hanging out with friends and serving the body of Christ.


  1. Amen, Amen, Amen! I was so excited to see this article notification in my email inbox this morning… Thanks for taking the time to share truth and encouragement! God will keep helping and encouraging us all as we keep growing in Him. Amen.

    2020 reminded me more than ever that God is the only true constant in our lives. Everything else is subject to change. Thank God that no matter what changes we face in life, He will always be with us, to help, guide, and help. His peace is near, His presence is near, always available to us. May we always lean on Him!

    Thanks again for sharing Buky, Have a beautiful day!:) God bless.

    • Hi Bomi, I love this: “His peace is near, His presence is near, always available to us. May we always lean on Him!”
      Thanks for your awesome comments. Awwww….so sweet! Thank you, love. 💓💓💓

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