Speak Your Truth Sincerely

Speak up

In the absence of honest communication, assumptions and mind reading fills the gap often leading to conflict. Speak up! Speak your truth sincerely & unapologetically.

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Individuality Is The Bedrock of Innovation.

We live in a society that always try to redefine beauty, where fake is celebrated and natural beauty is shunned. Don’t lose yourself in our unbalanced world. Be authentic in who you are. Individuality never goes out of style; it’s the bedrock of innovation. Rock your individuality!

No.1 Fan

Don’t let oppositions and critics discourage you from pursuing your dreams. Dream Bigger dreams. When nobody cheered for me, I cheered for myself knowing fully well I will reap the…

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Be Happy Now

You might as well be happy in WHO you are, WHAT you have and WHERE you live. Joy and contentment are not found in possessions, people, places or professions. Christ alone is our sufficiency, and Christ is everywhere.

Contentment: Be Happy Now!



It’s Not You Or Them, It’s Just Life!

When someone values your friendship they can always find the time, regardless of how busy they are. When they don’t, they make time for other people and all your effort…

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Live Your Life Unapologetically.

Live your life unapologetically. Those who will like you will do and those who won’t, just won’t. Don’t let anyone dictate how you should live your life. If they have…

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As I lay My Head Down To Sleep

Dear God, As I lay my head down to sleep, let your voice be the one I hear. In the morning time, fill me with your holy presence. – Buky…

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Your Heart Is The Battlefield of Spiritual Warfare.

The attitude of your heart when you pray

Dear Friends, Our prayers are more than words alone. Let us pray with an open heart and expectancy. An open heart is when we give no room to unforgiveness, offense…

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Little People | Little Minds | Little Dreams

Llittle people little mind little dreams

I’m reminded of this bible verse in Matt 26:11 – The poor you will always have with you. The same is true of little people with little minds and little…

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Family – We Play, We Fight and We Makeup!

Family isn’t always about blood. They’re those who through patience and love fight to remain in your life. They’re willing to put aside their feelings by loving you through it…

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