How Others Treat You Is Their Fate.

  How others treat you is their Fate, and how you respond is your Portion. ~ Buky Ojelabi Remember this: The person who plants a little will have a small…

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God Is still Working In Me

I was foolish, I’ve been stupid, and I will no doubt make dumb decisions in the future. But I’m not where I used to be. God is still working in me; I am well on my way to an amazing future!

You Are Not An Accident.

  Nothing in your life is an accident. Your life is masterfully planned by God ~ Buky Ojelabi But God—who set me apart even before birth and called me by…

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You Can Do It!

If anyone can do it, it’s You! Through pain, disappointment and rejection. These are just stepping-stones you must overcome. Fear is not your middle name. You have dominion power. Victory is your birthright! ~ Buky Ojelabi

Thank God For What You Have.

Stop wishing your problems away, your life with all its imperfections is right for you. Embrace your life as it is. Thank God for what you have, stop crying over…

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There Is Purpose In The Process

All of your life experiences are preparing you for your destiny. There is purpose in the process, don’t look for shortcuts. ~ Buky Ojelabi

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Trust God’s Timing.

While God is putting the broken pieces of our lives back together. We must be careful not to condemn, judge and write ourselves off. Most importantly be patient. It’s a Process. Trust His timing. He makes all things beautiful in His time.

Gone But Not Forgotten.

Today, I am thankful for all the great people who have touched my life. They have restored my faith in humanity and shown me who I can aspire to be…

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Today Is God’s Fresh Start.

God always gives us a fresh start, its called Today!

Today is a new day; a new start to the rest of your life. May all your tomorrows be filled with new relationships, opportunities and peace from above. AMEN! God…

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