The greatest worship songs are not on the billboard, neither are they on public display at concerts. They are not written on a paper, they are offered in private worship to a great God. These songs are written on our hearts– Buky Ojelabi

The vast riches of the earth’s mines cannot be compared to the wealth, depth and glorious riches of heavenly treasures which God has for His children. ~ Buky Ojelabi

“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” ― Winston S. Churchill

The Lord does not just randomly decide to reveal Himself to one person over another. Anyone who seeks Him first will find Him. It is our seeking, our hunger that drives the encounter. ~ Jim Bailey

“My walk with Christ is not a side hustle”. ~ Buky Ojelabi

Don’t allow a moment in your life to become a lifetime – Lisa Osteen Comes

Just because you’ve been wounded doesn’t mean you have to live a wounded life. ~ Lisa Osteen Comes

God has a destiny that only you can fulfill – Lisa Osteen Comes

You are not weird if you think different from everyone else, you are weird if you don’t – Tolulope Ilesanmi

No one needs to fall for you to rise. No one needs to be plundered for you to be enriched. It’s an abundant universe. ~ Tolulope Ilesanmi

Waiting for the stars to be aligned is a waste of time because they are already aligned – Tolulope Ilesanmi

“Marriages come and go, but divorce is forever. ~ Nora Ephron

“The only way out of pain is through it.”~ Joyce Meyer

My walk with God is not a popularity contest. My goal is to please God not man. ~ Buky Ojelabi

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others – Jonathan Swift

“I am on the longest journey of my life, to discover ME – Buky Ojelabi

When you discover your chosen path, your life takes a whole new meaning. – Buky Ojelabi

“Although I may not like the different streets and roads life has taken me through, I have come to appreciate them afterward” – Buky Ojelabi

Find your path, Live your journey, Transform your Life – Buky Ojelabi

You are not called to yourself but to a nation, by Buky Ojelabi

If you don’t know who you are, the world will tell you who you are not, by Buky Ojelabi

God created us uniquely so that we can complement one another. ~ Buky Ojelabi

I am a student at heart, even a child can teach me something new –  Buky Ojelabi

When your miracle becomes flesh, you will always, for as long as you live, still be in perpetual awe of God’s goodness – By Sola Macaulay

Pay attention to your frustrations. They are BIG clues to the problems you are meant to solve. -Buky Ojelabi

Don’t merely imagine having what you want. Imagine what you will do with it and why. That will begin to bring it into your life. ~ Ralph Marston

If you don’t know your purpose, you can’t make correct decisions. – Dr. Cindy Trimm

Your Assignment is what you will do when you reach your destination. – Dr. Cindy Trimm

Purpose is decided by God; destiny is decided by you. – Dr. Cindy Trimm

Purpose is why you were born; destiny is where you are going. – Dr. Cindy Trimm

God makes originals not carbon copies. It’s ok to be inspired by someone, but be bold enough to be yourself. – Tony A. Gaskins Jr

“The worst thing you can do for somebody is something they should be doing for themselves” – Tony A. Gaskins Jr

#DearSon ~ If She Does Not Make You Feel Kingly…She Is Not Your Queen. – Dr. Mike Murdock

#Mentorship ~ Who Trained You…For Today? Who Will Train You…For Tomorrow.? What Price..Will You Pay? – Dr. Mike Murdock

Those Who Cannot Feel Your Pain..Will Never Understand Your Goals – Dr. Mike Murdock

What you don’t feed eventually dies, stop feeding the false friendship and it will die. – Dr. Mike Murdock

Friendly…Is Not Friendship – – Dr. Mike Murdock

#Proteges~Do Not Read & Absorb Deadly Poison of Your Critics. It Is Almost Impossible To Rid It From Your Spirit. – Dr. Mike Murdock

My Future CANNOT Happen…Until I Arrive. – Dr. Mike Murdock

Always Stay Silent…When Their Understanding Of You Is…Unimportant To You. – Dr. Mike Murdock

If Your Parents Were Not Quality Mentors..Whose Mentorship Are You Pursuing NOW..? Character Is Now YOUR Choice – Dr. Mike Murdock

Don’t Build A Room…For Those Who Simply Drop By Your Life. – Dr. Mike Murdock

Those Comfortable With Your Enemy …Are Your Enemy –  Dr. Mike Murdock

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