I Am Thankful

Can I be honest with you? Can you handle this? I am truly thankful for many things; I won’t bombard you with the list, as they are too many! I…

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The Set Time

I met my future husband on Thanksgiving Day. That was a God set-up and it was His set time. After 3 children, 2 miscarriages, and many years of trying to…

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The Season To Remember Others…….

Not so long ago I actually detested any festive holidays. It was yet another reason to remember my lonely state of mind and how I didn’t have this and that to fill my life with. It was a time to watch others living the life I so longed for.

Few years back I joined my family for yet another Christmas dinner, it was nice of them to include me. The truth was I felt out of place, sometimes I can’t help thinking maybe they feel sorry for me and can’t bear to see me spend another festive holiday alone with my Chinese fried rice and wonton soup.

The evening was going great, lovely food and nice company. Just then my nephew asked me a question. “Aunty why don’t we see uncle again”????

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