Hello October

I love the month of October for so many reasons. This month we celebrated our seventh year wedding anniversary. We feel blessed that we can still enjoy the simple things…

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Its My Day.

It’s my birthday today and I feel younger than ever. I woke up to text messages from my brother Diran and Shade, how nice and thoughtful.

I have everything I ever wanted; God in our lives, Adey, the children, being pregnant and absolute joy and peace in my life. Money can’t buy any of those things.

I was serenade with a special rendition of “happy birthday mom’’. Hahah how sweet, well done guys! I got presents too; a Balenciaga perfume and a house slipper. I can’t decide which one I love the most. I didn’t own a house slipper I usually wear Adey’s. My perfumes smells lovely, thank you babe.

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