For Your Heart Only.

  You owe to yourself love and honesty first before expecting it from others. Be kind to yourself and trust your instinct. Who knows you better? Love is not a…

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It’s Just An Opinion!

Stop having a Hissy Fit over someone’s opinion of you. It’s just an opinion! It’s not the “gospel.” People have the right to run their mouth! Just don’t let their mouth ruin your day!

Life’s Detours

Although I may not like the different streets and paths life has taken me through, I have come to appreciate them afterwards.

I have come to appreciate them afterwards.-3

Battles Are Won On Knees In Prayer

Battles are not won in the court of public opinion. Neither by dirty tricks, gossip, slander or hate campaign on Social Media. Battles are won on knees in prayer.

Talk To God

Wireless communication is not a new invention. From the days of Adam and Eve God has been communicating with His Beloved. You can go directly to God without any expensive gadget. Just open your heart and speak to Him, it’s that simple!