The Journey Continues

We are all on this journey called life. We are all at different stages of our journey. Your journey, your life experiences and all the hiccups and frustrations are not coincidences, they are part of the process and not always going to be easy or fun; its evolution.

You haven’t come this far to give up now. You are not alone on the journey; there were others before you and more coming behind you. We are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12:1)

Sometimes it feels like no progress have been made. Thank God for people who are quick to remind us “you haven’t changed one bit”. What would you do without the critics?  

I have come a long way and so have you. You are not who you used to be. You are not where you once were. God is transforming you from the inside out.

Everyone has a different path. Follow the one God has for you.

We are all apprentices attempting to master the lessons from our journey through life.   

We make mistakes, learn and we get back up. What makes you fall today would have killed you in the past. So you are not perfect but who is?

Guard your heart; guard your ears to how and whom you listen to. Don’t allow the criticism from friends and family to bring back your old nemesis.

Our current stop is not our final destination; we are merely sojourners. While we are here everything will fail except the word of God. Our current body/tent will give in and becomes ashes and we hope to return home to God’ original plan.

Be encouraged; keep your sight firmly on the One who called you my “beloved”. The only One who knows the end from the beginning. that can take and give life. The invisible God that is mighty in battle and does visible things.

Take time out and remember God’s faithfulness and how far He has brought you.

What if the LORD had not been on our side when people attacked us? They would have swallowed us alive in their burning anger. (Psalm 124:2-3) NLT



About Buky

Buky is a ''Desperado after God". She is married to Adey and together they are raising 3 amazing children. She is a natural encourager, loves sharing practical experiences with others. She enjoys writing, reading, dabbling in stock trading, hanging out with friends and serving the body of Christ.


  1. I really needed this at this moment! Thank you for posting this. Often times we get consumed by our current situations and we loose sight of the journey ahead and how far we’ve come. Like you aptly put it, …I have come a long way – a VERY LONG way, and I am no where near where He is taking me to. The saga continues, with the Ancient of Days on my side.

    Thank you so much for this!!

  2. Amen… !

    and thank you for the reminder – “Everyone has a different path, follow the one God has given you.”

    Love to you and your family… Have a beautiful weekend:)!


  3. Amen!Indeed God has been faithful..Even when we unfaithful He remains faithful….
    I love the verse in Hebrews..We are indeed surrounded by a cloud of witness thats why King Solomon says there is not new under the sun..everything has happened..

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