Day 30 – Thank You Lord

If I had 10,000 tongues, I could not thank the Lord enough.

I am thankful to the Lord for creating me as a woman and for dying for my sins. I am thankful for my salvation and the ministry of reconciliation.

I am thankful that God saved me from darkness and brought me into His light. I am loved and chosen to be called the daughter of the Most High God.

I shudder to think where I would be today if not for Jesus Christ who paid the price for all my sins.

Thank You Lord for being patient with me on a daily basis even when I am not the same with others.

Thank you for forgiving and forgetting my sins even when I struggle to forgive others.

Thank you for loving me when I was unlovable and unreasonable.

Thank you for seeing me through 3 C-sections in 6 years, I do not take that for granted.

Thank you for giving me a free will even though I sometimes use it wrongly.

I am grateful for all you have done and I am already jumping for joy for what you are about to do next.

Lord, you have been too good to me and our family. Thank You, Lord, for everything.

About Buky

Buky is a ''Desperado after God". She is married to Adey and together they are raising 3 amazing children. She is a natural encourager, loves sharing practical experiences with others. She enjoys writing, reading, dabbling in stock trading, hanging out with friends and serving the body of Christ.

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