First Things First

Welcome to 2011, I am excited and can’t wait to dive into all of God’s goodness for this year. It is the dawn of a New Year, so many decisions and choices ahead.

There is so much to accomplish and overcome this year. I don’t know about you, as for us we are going to be busy!

Juggling 2 toddlers and another arrival on the way, it’s almost here now. We are in the last trimester and we are so excited to smell the new life that Almighty God is entrusting unto us.

I am ready to run the race that is before me and I am going to finish strong. I am not ignorant of the devices of the enemy and I hope you are not too.

Remember that the vision is for you and not for anyone else. Don’t hang around expecting others to celebrate or validate you. The vision is for you and you must run with it now. Do not give into discouragement or naysayers, as they are part of the journey. You will never get to Canaan without them.

So buckle up your seatbelt and enjoy the ride.

It is not too late to write your goals and visions for the year, don’t worry if you don’t know it all yet. Nobody does and don’t let others fool you. Just write something, anything will do for now. As we progress it will become clearer and you can amend it as you go.  God never gives us the entire picture, He gives you in part as you cannot handle it all at once and you will only become overwhelmed by it.

To accomplish all that God wants for you in 2011 will depend on you. Yes, you and you alone. Ps 119:89 – Forever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven. God has done His part and all that is left for you now is to do yours. God will not come down and do your part for you.

In order to do your part, you are going to grow up and leave childish games and behavior behind. If you don’t do it now you will do it later, there is no getting away from it. So just do it.

Let us establish a fact if that is not already clear to you. There is nothing that is impossible with God. God is alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. Nothing can be built without Him.

The bible is our template and guide, it is the world’s bestseller; nothing else will ever outsell the bible. That is what guides me, as well as the Holy Spirit.

If you are not ready to make serious changes in your life,  then this blog is not for you. If you are tired of being tired and can take the truth, then stick around. You might learn something not just from me but from real people who leave real comments about God’s restoration and transformation.

I refuse to stay the way I was; I refuse to let the enemy dictate to me what life I must live. I refuse to allow my past to continue to deprive me of the great future God has planned for me. So should you.

Some of the points we are going to deal with are related to Marriage, the horrible pain of divorce, Dealing with single relationship, Deeper walk with God, Personal Finances, Importance of a Mentor, Discovering your assignment, Practical keys to possessing your future now, Leaving your past behind, junking toxic relationships, bitterness, thou shall forgive your enemies etc.

You can have the life you desire; there is no gimmick or magic to it. It’s going to require hard work on your part, dying to the flesh, keeping a guard on your mouth, growing in the Lord. Your emotional tantrums wont cut it, the blame game will have to end too. No more diva attitude; you are about to discover the Dame inside of you, stop the madness – no more going round in circles.

If you are ready to put an end to the patterns in your life, if you are ready to overcome your painful divorce experience, if you are ready to allow God to sit on the throne instead of you, if you are fed-up and tired of faking it and ready to embrace all that God has for you then let’s do it!.

I hope you are ready because I am. We will disagree in the process and I am prepared for that, are you? Can two walk together except they agree?

Let’s keep our disagreement constructive and clean. I disagree with Adey sometimes but He is still my best friend. We are allowed to “agree to disagree”.

Prayer – May the days ahead be filled with God’s favor, answered prayers and fulfilled potential.

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Happy New Year All, A year of breaking barriers and taking your rightful place as sons and daughters of the Most High God. This year is about taking action and seeing the results you want.


About Buky

Buky is a ''Desperado after God". She is married to Adey and together they are raising 3 amazing children. She is a natural encourager, loves sharing practical experiences with others. She enjoys writing, reading, dabbling in stock trading, hanging out with friends and serving the body of Christ.


  1. I so much liked what you shared,and so right.God doesn't show us everything cause we don;t always believe in ourselfs. Though the years with my daugther's illness and then when my husband went home to be with the lord,friends would ask how do you deal with it? .And I would say, that God gives me the strength as I needed it. And do the same for them. He gives us strength as the need arises. God is faithful if we would only have faith and trust in him. Thank You for your sights

    • Ms Janice. Happy New Year to you, I must say a BIG THANK YOU for all your emails, they sure are funny ones. I look forward to them as they cheer me up!

  2. Hello friend, Well i feel like we've gotten to know ourselves better by now to call you friend.

    I made it through Thanksgiving, Christmas adn New Year. Thanks to God and prayers of many people including yourself, dear friend.

    Since reading your post on "Are you ready for 2011" I started putting things together. I dont know how I will get with it but it has given me something to look forward to.

    You're really talking to me about the pity-party and blame game. No diva attitude here, wished i had that, lol.

    • Stacey dear friend, Happy new year to you and glad that you had a great thanksgiving, Xmas and new year. Thank you for writing your goals, let's take little steps together and you will be amazed at the end results.

  3. Bukky, This post really lifted my spirit today as I was feeling like I dont know which direction my life is taking.

    I could almost hear your voice and the urgency to write my goals came upon me real quick. Just like you said, i dont have all of them but i have started and ready.

    I feel like am signing up for war or a movement that will change my life.

    I am ready, lets just do it. I am pumped up and ready to match forward.

    • Ashley B. Happy new year to you. Thanks for taking the time to write down your goals for 2011, you have taken the first step in the right direction.
      Hahaha – signing up for war, that made me laugh, thanks
      I am pumped up to, let's do it

  4. im ready. im tired of being miserable…….

    • bukky i am so ready to claim my place in the kingdom and thank you for helping me through and the encouragement. I look forward to a great 2011 here. May God bless you and your family

      • Mbabazi, Happy new year and wishing you all of God's best in 2011. May God continue to teach us his perfect will and may we take up our rightful place as sons and daughters in the Kingdom.

    • Ola, thank you for your honesty. God will turn things around for you this year and I am rooting for you.

  5. If you ask me, I'm ready…Happy New Year!!!

  6. :) Happy 2011! I smiled as l read through this blog. I am so ready! I am ready for change, as constant as it may be. I am so open-minded and eager to learn and try new challenges this year!

    I am with you Buky! God is with us all!
    May His Spirit let this zeal remain and even become stronger as each day comes IJN. Amen.

    Eku Ipalemo ooo! Do l see a boy coming? (Never mind me l always try to feel like one person that can see the future) :) Stay Blessed.

  7. Thank u so much for this post!

  8. Powerful post…Nice way to start the year. Talk about throwing no punches around. I hope someone reading this will discover that it's time for business. No more playing games. It's time for real work so we can become all of the things God wants us to be. Have a blessed 2011 :)

    • Lara, You get the message clearly. Yes, this is the year we should all mean business. No longer doing business as usual, it is the year of turn-around. I am rolling up my sleeves and no more procastination.
      Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate that.

  9. sis, i so much love this , it reminds me of ' write the vision down , make it plain' it's a good thing for the new year. 'emotional tantrums won't cut it' i love that , in this new year , it's only God, and prayers that will rule the show, my seat belt is on.
    well done sis.
    p.s: how i didn't get notification.

    • Tolu, Happy New Year Sister! Through God we shall do valiantly, Amen.
      You didnt get my post via mail? Pls check your spam folder, sometimes it goes there.
      Have a blessed week, talk to you soon.

  10. I'm ready to be all what has purposed for me. I'm sooo ready!!!!

    Happy New Year!!!

    • Yey!!! Happy New Year Temi. I am so blessed to have you in my life. Thanks for being you. I so know you are destined for greatness lady. You are going to shine and just shine, Its your time, its your season to shine.

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