Thankful For The Bible

Day 27 ~ The Bible

I am thankful for the Bible: When all else fails to inspire me, I can always rely on the Bible for that timely Word. Nothing can be compared to the Word of God.

I am an avid reader, I enjoy reading religion and spirituality books that help me in my walk with God. I don’t read women’s magazines, fiction or romance, just a personal preference. No matter how great a book is, I have found that nothing can be compared to the Bible. When all else fails to inspire me, I can always rely on the Bible for that timely Word.

The book of Psalms and Proverbs are my favorite books. Anyone can read these 2 books and immediately gain knowledge, wisdom, and encouragement.

God’s language is the Word of God and when He speaks to you He talks to you out of the scriptures you have read. If you don’t take the time to read it then how can He talk to you?

I have found that the scriptures I know are the ones that are working for me. I am thankful for the Bible, the inspired Word of God revealed through the Holy Spirit.

I am thankful for the Word that never fails to inspire me: My personal manual to live a godly life. It’s the engrafted Word that is able to save my soul (James 1:21)

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”Psalm 119:105

Day 26 ~ Thankful for Social Media

Day 26 ~ Thankful for Social Media – I am super-duper thankful for social media. I use Google as my only search engine (sorry Bing). I simply don’t remember life before Google. How did I survive without searching for recipes, homemade cleaning solutions, and directions? Google is my ‘go to’ for everything, it’s ridiculous!

Twitter – I love Twitter for quotes and discovering new blogs. I tend to save my favorite quotes on Twitter for later use in my post. 

I have met the most amazing people online, and some of them have become great friends in real-life! 

Thank God for YouTube! Who needs cookbooks? And since I don’t have Cable TV, YouTube is another free alternative.

What about Facebook and Instagram? Ok, too many to list! Thanks for connecting with me on various platforms. See you online.

Day 25 ~ Thankful For Our Life Group

Day 25 ~ Thankful For Our Life Group

Adey and I lead a monthly Life group meeting (first Monday of every month). Initially, when we were asked to lead the group, I had some hesitation. I wasn’t sure if I was up to the task. Well, it’s been over a year and I have come to appreciate our group and what a blessing it has been to us. God has sent us the most amazing people who are just hungry for more of Him and truly desire to grow in the Lord.

What Are Life Groups?

Life Groups are small groups of people (within our church) who meet regularly in order to study the Bible, connect with others and challenge each other to be more like Jesus. It’s a great way to meet new friends, grow in your relationship with God and make a difference. Everyone is welcome.

Day 24 ~ Thankful for the United States Of America

Day 24 ~ Thankful for the United States Of America

I am thankful for America and especially thankful that my daughter now knows how to sing the “God Bless America” song and is driving me crazy by singing it non-stop!

As we tuck into our Thanksgiving meal (No Turkey this year), it’s easy to take the freedom we enjoy for granted.

Our country is not perfect and no country is. We are a strong nation and our roots run deep. Our foundation is strong and firmly in God. We are proud and at our core we are united. We are the most generous nation on the planet. For that alone God will continually bless the United States of America.

I am thankful to be an American, the freedom to worship God without fear and threat of death.
Freedom to vote without intimidation and violence. Freedom of expression without repercussions.

What I am most grateful for is that we can raise our children in peace and they have a hope of a better future.

Day 16 ~ 22 – Of Thankfulness

Day 16 ~ Thankful For My Family

My family members are all over the world. We don’t all get to see each other or even stay connected as much as we’d like to. Still blood is thicker than water and I carry you all in my heart. Every year I tell myself that I will do better at communication, but who am I kidding, right?

I am thankful for the Quarrels/Peace, Forgiveness/Rebuke, Misunderstanding/Fairness, Praise/Lambast, Silent treatment/Acceptance, Sarcasm/Kindness, Love/Dislike, Patience/Intolerant, Loyal/Undependable, Reconciliation/Denial, Support/Opposition, Compassion/Harshness.

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Day 15 ~ Thankful For Adey

Today, I get to thank God for my amazing husband, Adey.  Thanksgiving is extra special for us since I met my future husband for the first time on Thanksgiving Day 2004.

It wasn’t love at first sight, he was late for Thanksgiving lunch and I wasn’t impressed at all. I must have gotten over that as we celebrated our 6th-anniversary last month. Lol!

Adey, no words can convey my heartfelt gratitude for you. You are my best friend and the dude that rocks my world.

~ “You are the voice that can always speak to my spirit, not just my head” ~ 

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Day 14 – Thankful For Joshua

Today, I am thankful for Joshua – the courageous one. Through you I have learned how to wait on God and to trust His timing.

We sought, we prayed and God blessed us with you. Joshua, I counted the months till I could hold you in my hands.

Joshua – You were conceived after 2 miscarriages. The miscarriages didn’t make sense and the doctors didn’t have any reason for them.

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Day 13 – Thankful For David

Today, I am thankful for David, my firstborn son. You are my pride and joy! You keep me humble and to never let a day go by without worshipping God.

I couldn’t wait to be pregnant again and your pregnancy was so easy. Mama was looking good and rocking that bump!

You are my proof that God is faithful to keep His Word.

I sometimes complain about how busy you guys keep me, and how crazy you all drive me, but I wouldn’t change anything for the world!

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Day 12 – Thankful For Faith

Precious Faith

Today, I am thankful for my daughter Faith. You are my first miracle child. You are my pride and joy. You keep me grounded, focused and super busy!

I am thankful to God for blessing us with you and making me a joyful mother.

I would lay my life down for you; you are loved, wanted and adored.
You are not here by accident but you were birthed through prayer. You are my proof that God is merciful, compassionate and that He loves me.

Faith, at 9 months you were still in breech position and the doctor’s attempt to turn you over failed. I had to be operated on; some said having a C-Section would be painful and scary. I guess I didn’t have time to think about it.

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Day 11 – Thankful For My In-Laws

Day 11: Thankful for My In-Laws

Today, I am thankful for my wonderful in-laws. I am proud to be part of God’s family that truly love and care for each other.  Whatever misgivings I may have had about in-laws have been completely dispelled.

This year we celebrated our 6 yrs of marital bliss and my in-laws contributed to our happy marriage by not interfering or having an agenda. They simply supported us with their love and prayers. It is so clear to me that they wished us nothing but pure happiness and joy and they have demonstrated that by just loving us in return.

To My In-Laws
Thank you for supporting us always with prayers and treating us equally with love and respect.

Thank you for your wise counsel and constantly covering us with prayers. We can never get enough of that! By your conducts, you have been great examples for us to imitate. Thank you for stepping up to the plate and having a standard of excellence for us to follow


November: A Month Of Giving Thanks!

The No.1 Lesson I’ve Learned in 2011

The No.1 Lesson I’ve Learned in 2011.

I have learned many lessons this year but one stands out the most. I can’t get away from it; everywhere I go it keeps popping up.

The last straw was at the women fellowship I had in my house in October. Finally, I got it and received it.

I can’t help wondering, why did it take me till October to finally get it? All along it was staring me in the face though?

I know the reasons why it took that long. I got busy with life and wasn’t paying attention. The other real reason was I didn’t want to face the truth.
Towards the end of each year I take a review of the entire year. I am doing exactly that around this time now.

There are many lessons to be learned this year, if you and I have been paying attention. If you have been present and honest in your life with yourself, you must have seen at least one lesson.

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Day 10 – Thankful For Past Failures

Today, I am thanking God for my past failures. All my past failures were necessary for me to be where I am now.  I am thankful that in spite of my shortcomings, weaknesses and past failures that God chose to use this broken vessel.

Thank You, Lord for turning my problems into opportunities, failures into successes, mistakes into a message and test into a testimony.

Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead (Phil 3:13)

Throughout my life, I have sinned and at one point I didn’t think that I was worthy of God’s love. I was wrong. I’m worthy, we are all worthy.

God loves you and me just the way we are and he doesn’t require perfection just that we say YES and follow Him.

Through those past failures, I have learned more about myself and the power of God in transforming lives.

While God is putting the broken pieces of our lives back together. We must be careful
not to condemn, judge and write ourselves off. Most importantly be patient.
It’s a Process. Trust His timing. 
He makes all things beautiful in His time.


November: A Month Of Giving Thanks!


Day 9 – Thankful For My Church HWC

Today, I am thanking God for my church family at HWC. We have been members for 5 years and it’s a great honor and privilege serve under the leadership of Pastor Randy and Lucie Needham.

When we discovered HWC, from the very first day we knew this is where we belong. We have experience love on a new level and they have redefined what family is for me.

Those that are planted in the house of the LORD shall flourish in the courts of our God. (PS 92:13)

A church serves the local community and that is simply what we have experienced.

The church is not the building but community of believers, body of Christ.

35 Reasons Why I Am Thankful for My Church

  1. They preach the truth from the bible
  2. We believe in speaking in tongues.
  3. We are a multi cultural church
  4. They have excellent children church, our children love it
  5. They have a thriving youth ministry; I had to restrain myself from jumping up when I attended their service.
  6. The pastors are time conscious as they know and appreciate our time and that we have other life demands
  7. They have a heart for missions
  8. They run a wonderful bible school ~ All Nations School Of Ministry
  9. They are passionate about prayer and you can join several prayer groups

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Day 8 – Thankful For A Brand New Day

Today, I am thankful for the opportunity to see another day.God created 7 days so that you and I can always start afresh.

This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

We are created to love God and people. The life that we live is not just for ourselves but also to glorify God

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Day 7 – Thankful For Teachers

Today, I am thankful for my children’s teachers at their daycare and church. I am thankful for great teachers all over the world.

Personally, I won’t volunteer or opt to be a teacher. It takes a unique kind of person to do the job. My attempt to teach our children simple things at home have led me to put myself in time-out.

I salute great all the teachers for the wonderful work that they do. Teachers are destiny shapers.

I have seen the positive influence they have impacted on our children lives. Their teachers go above and beyond their call of duty.

It takes a village to raise a child and teachers are part of our community. Our children tend to spend an ample amount of time with them and they’ve helped in making us parents look good.

Teachers/Nannies are valued members of my dream team. They have contributed to us being good parents.

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Day 6 – Thankful For My Neighbors

Today, I am thankful for my wonderful neighbors Steph and Buddy. We have lived at our current home for the past 5 years.

Our neighbors are my go to person whenever I need help. They made our transition to the neighborhood effortless. As a new mom and not knowing much, Steph recommended our children’s pediatrician and we are still with the same doctor.

They have been a blessing to our family and always looking out for us. Just a few weeks ago I had a bust pipe outside my house and a licking shower.

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Day 5 – Thankful For Houston

The City of Houston is very dear to my heart. For the first time in my life I can say that I have never felt at home more than when I am in Houston. I moved to Houston in 2005.

Houston is a great city and every nationality is here. It is indeed the melting pot and its people are the greatest asset. They are unique, gracious, generous, kind, courteous and southern hospitality at its best.

I love Houstonians and I feel right at home here. We are proud Houstonians and our children are proud Lil Texans.

What is there not to love about H-Town? The people are warm, friendly and upbeat. I am sure loneliness is not in their vocabulary. I can go to Wal-Mart and make friends just talking to a complete stranger.

Who doesn’t like a man in cowboy boots and a hat, YEA HAW! The best cuisines from around the world are at your fingertips. Their men are respectful and they can call me ma’am all day long. Their women are like sisters from another mother. I have been very blessed with finding favor with Houstonians and I couldn’t pray enough for God to continue to bless my City, Houston.

Of all the cities in the world God would have me found my husband, get married and have 3 Lil Texans, it had to be Houston! A lover of good food and appreciation for the hot weather of Houston.

Say what you like about Americans, they are the warmest people I have ever met. That is saying something from an African, as Africans are known for their warm hospitality and disposition.

Houston is the City of God, God loves Houstonians and we are truly blessed in all things Oil. We love our trucks, fishing and our right to bear arms.

There is no excuse for not attending a church, we are right on the Bible belt and there are a variety of churches all over Houston.

One of those great churches is our Houston Worship Centre. A church with a big heart for people.

All I have experienced in Houston is open arms and warm hearts. God bless the City of Houston. Yea haw!

Question ~ What City are you thankful for?

Day 4 – Thankful For Mammas

If you have been a follower of my blog then you know of the mammas already. The mammas have been to me what Naomi was to Ruth.

The mammas are the Titus women in Titus 2:4 “-that they may train the young women to love their husbands, to love their children..”     .

This year I have experienced your love in a new way. God has sent me the best of the best mammas to guide, nurture and love me dearly. I hope in return I have been a wonderful sister, play-daughter.

At various stages in my journey, when facing a life changing decision,  God has always brought in mammas to surround me, to hold my hands, to share their wisdom and bring comfort to a troubled soul.

I thank God for you all. I love you all and I am eternally grateful for your presence in my life. Your presence has restored the maternal love I needed, as well as my faith in woman-kindness.

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Day 3 – Thankful For Favor

This year alone I have seen God’s favor in every area of our life. Lord, you have favored us the most this year.

Your favor also attracts some enemies. Then I remember Joseph and David the king of Israel, I rejoice for I am in good company.

I can do nothing of myself without God and there is nothing I have done that makes me warrant the level of favor He has bestowed on us as a family.

I know I’m nothing without God. I am grateful and will never forget all of Your faithfulness towards us.

This year has not been without ups and downs. To sum it all up, it’s the best year of our life. I have been blessed going in and out. I am a wonder to myself and those around me.

Lord, You have embarrassed us with your love, blessings, and mercy. Just when I think you have done too much, you continue to bombard us with more.

Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favour her, yea, the set time, is come. (Psalm 102:13)

Question ~ Has the Lord been good to you?

November: A Month Of Giving Thanks!

Day 2 – Thankful For Good Health

Today I am thankful to God for my health and that of my entire family. Health is wealth and without good health, life is a constant struggle and a challenge.

This year especially I have learned to have a greater appreciation for my health. In the past, I had taken my health for granted. I just assumed that it would always be there for me.

Since having Joshua in March 2011, I have experienced and dealt with chronic fatigue. For months I battled with persistent tiredness. While I put it down to being a new mom again, it was a joy stealer.

For the first four months of Joshua being born it was a real battle. Just getting through a day was harder for me as I struggled with being a mom and wife. It took its toll on my mind, as the doctor could not find anything physically wrong with me.

By the fifth month, I was done with being tired and just wanted to live again. Live life fully without being tired and to be able to enjoy life as I’d done in the past.

It took a rededication to prayer and a daily dose of Holy Communion to restore my whole health back. Divine health is our covenant right

So I’m especially grateful to God for total restoration. Allowing me to be the Mom and Wife He intended for me to be.

Our entire family is healthy; we are fruitful and multiplying in every facet of life. Thank you God for restoring my health and blessing us wholeheartedly

Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers. (3 John 1:2)

How about you, are you thankful for your health?


November: A Month Of Giving Thanks!